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Transgenders: use female rest rooms
DDS: Safety of women always!!

Duterte: Shoot them in the vagina!
DDS: YEHEY galing talaga ni Tatay Digs da beszt!

Duterte: *on Nun’s rape* Mayor dapat ang mauna!
DDS: Yahoo san ka pa? Best manyak in the solar system da beszt!


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Zoomg will need papaitan for lunch tomorrow!

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One trademark of being an Ilocano is the papaitan. We have that every Sunday morning in the province during my younger years. Missing those days.

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Students are neither clients nor products. They are students. Teachers should not treat education as a means to make the most efficient workers in service to profit. Our task is to work with students to imagine and craft a better, kinder world liberated from the demands of profit

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Each time I get caught on super long lines sa female toilets, nakikisuyo talaga ako sa men’s room (specifically those with private urinals) and haven’t encountered anyone who didn’t allow me to “go” 😊

Giving my male buddies tons of points for that kind of empathy.

Kahit naman same sex same toilet, strangers pa rin naman ang nag share ng public space, right?

If we make the a norm, we won’t even need to spend for a 3rd (4th pala for PWD) . Isn’t that what means?

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filipinos living abroad should be the last people to shit on student activists in ph truth be told you’re living/working abroad for better opportunities w/c these students fight for all filipinos so shut your privileged selfish ass and just eat your sashimi frodo

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There you go! We 💪🏼

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9 The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein "12 books that helped make billionaire Elon Musk the success he is" scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-cultur via @scmpnews@twitter.com

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Always wondered why the concept of unisex a la Ally McBeal didn’t globally take off.

AND aren’t our homes and PWD toilets yas per original design anyway, given the function is a safe space is to pee, poo and minimal grooming stuff?

Public spaces are wtf.

Dear @s8n@twitter.com - let’s hang out later when it’s my time, okay?

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What causes burnout besides unmanageable workloads:
- Feeling like you have no control.
- Not getting acknowledged.
- Having poor relationships with coworkers.
- Being treated unfairly by your boss.
- Having different values than your employer.

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No one bats an eye when it comes to disabled toilets being unisex and for baby changing, but everyone loses their shit when the wrong sex walks into the wrong toilets

Here's an idea, make only unisex toilets, if they don't want to use them, they can hold it till they get home.

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The post credit was a great number by itself, @zacksnyder@twitter.com 💪🏼 Unfortunately, audience didn’t bite. vero.co/lodrose/dx-9Zdp673QVws

This is what happens when communication lines are not normal, andaming assumptions from both ends. Walang confrontation at clarification. So sad to watch relationships break down because there’s no safe space to draw out concerns on.

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This breaks my heart. I have nothing against people joining groups but seeing parents work hard to give their children the education they deserve and yet... ☹️

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