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meat noises approaching you very fast at increndibly high sppeeds

yeow........ yyeow...... yeowyoewyoewoyeoWYEOWYEOWYOEWWW

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I was accosted by slugs. No, that's not annoying.

— Dastot Äkillikot, Ranger

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*falls over and starts decomposing on the timeline*

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i said FUCK arbies!
i crashed my car into an arby's

busting a wet nut for potato salad this fine thursday evening

casually coughs up the potato salad in my lungs into my handkerchief

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i try to be civil to you people but sometimes i get so steamed i have to call a funny jokes hotline just to get my mojo back

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Hey kid and welcome to my duke nukem asmr video. Blow it out your ass. Damn im good.

i'm not gonna lie it would be pretty dope if i was called the king of lies

drinks a ginger ale in the shower nd cries to age 10 years backwards

in my darkest hour i can do naught but yearn i was born peepee the cat

am i a milf

lets out my final clown honk from atop an abandoned railroad bridge in pennsylvania

there's no sweeter ambrosia than the solution of tears and clown makeup dripping on the linoleum floor of my bathroom

logs on to dramatically sip my coffee and vanish into a fine mist

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