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meat noises approaching you very fast at increndibly high sppeeds

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I was accosted by slugs. No, that's not annoying.

— Dastot Äkillikot, Ranger

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*falls over and starts decomposing on the timeline*

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busting a wet nut for potato salad this fine thursday evening

casually coughs up the potato salad in my lungs into my handkerchief

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i try to be civil to you people but sometimes i get so steamed i have to call a funny jokes hotline just to get my mojo back

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Hey kid and welcome to my duke nukem asmr video. Blow it out your ass. Damn im good.

am i a milf

there's no sweeter ambrosia than the solution of tears and clown makeup dripping on the linoleum floor of my bathroom

wiggles my proboscis at you very sexy-like

gets my third eye forcibly opened by watching my dad eat cottage cheese with a spoon straight out of the fridge

*sees a funny toot*
oh haha that's a good one
*plucks it off the timeline and starts sucking it like a dick*

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I taught axe. That was satisfying.

— Udil Regmostib, Axedwarf

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due to personal reasons i nut then my meat go soft

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