after getting the feedback from my sponsors, there will be a _V3 so, yeah.

never append _final to the end of a filename, the entire universe will conspire to prove you wrong

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I've just discovered that Milton Keynes has two different locations in opposite ends called "Caldecote" and "Caldecotte". this reeks of government conspiracy

clearly a made up city, unlike perfectly real and non-government conspiracy ones like Bielefeld

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did you know that in Bielefeld they say that Milton Keynes does not exist? it's all a conspiracy ordered directly from the Queen. (1/1698)

the standard "having virtually everything ready to just apply but obsessively checking the application documents to make sure you didn't misplace a period or something". I want to be done with this please

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"it's just a single final document and I'll be done"
the typical Pareto stochastic process for a grant

fortunately I already found a bot that posts cats, which is (was) the Only Correct Way™ to use the cursed bird network, so I'm glad I won't miss even that

waiting for the inevitable moment in which the cursedbirb becomes a copy of that weird unmoderated microblogging-for-the-alt-right cesspool

hi Mastodon, let this be my here (?) yeah I'm also slowly preparing my escape from the cursed bird social network

I also like math and might rant about the latest proof that didn't work out on the rare occasions where I'm not shitposting or rambling about Touhou or cats or something.

nice to meet nya


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