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@logoninternet yep, and they got there because they had no policy on it for so long that by the time the copyright holders caught up to them, they were in such deep shit that turning into a (poorly automated, highly gameable) copyright cop on their behalf was the best option.

dae think about how YouTube and Twitch basically came about from exploiting copyright's grey areas and now they're basically becoming copyright leading enforcement software

There are only two types of possible adult man:
1. grown up
2. grown ass

people with iPhones always be like:
"Liked an image."
"Liked an image."
"Liked an image."
If you like images so much, why don't you MARRY THEM ahhahahahhahahaha

wake up, Americans, and smell the pro-Isreal propaganda. it's thick this morning.

painting of a tiger reflecting on its life after doing a huge bong rip - artist unknown

if i had kids on social media i would beg them to do hard drugs instead

almost 100 years ago the bauhaus school declared uppercase letters to be unnecessary for legibility in design. the original all lowercase posters, absolutely visionary

it may look like im just sitting here but im actually putting a stop to decades of familial trauma you just can't see it

every time i try to block myself in subway tooter it says "it's you." yea? so?!?

why not wear our underwear outside of our clothes therefore making clothes into underwear. no bad ideas at this brainstorm.

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