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if I were to harness all my self awareness to deconstruct my own toots and find a deep connecting theme shared between all of them at this point it would be this: high af

angry tech politics 

social media website that does not use a relational database

our need for approval in these increasingly lonely days is killing us damn

imagine being racist merely for the purpose of accruing cool points wtf I mean truly wtf

Life is awkward and absurd with no pieces ever fitting together exactly right and I think that's great.

there are two wolves inside you and maybe more. could be like 30 wolves in there to be honest.

any time my life is chill and great it's because i forgot email exists

I forgot what I was going to complain about because I had a bunch of jokesters in my replies when I logged on and frankly I love it when that happens

til "husk" is danish for "reminder" because every time i search "husk" on google it thinks i want to set a reminder. when all you've got is a hammer, everything is a nail, but when all you've got is a swiss army knife, then you're that kid busting out your corkscrew wine-opener at the most inopportune moments.

I like how SubwayTooter handles the Twitter:// url but does nothing with it. not being sarcastic.

when you headbang to heavy metal all your intrusive thoughts fly out of the tips of your hair. idk works for me. no bad ideas at this brainstorm.

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