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here's a 20 min video of some i made in . it doens't do much but i find it relaxing. :) gonjna try to port it to p5.js someday.

brought my old iphone back online so i can multitable hq hehehehehehhe

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

me: oooohhh kay time to put the phone down and finally do some work!
my work: please check your phone for a login authentication code

sorry printer I no longer believe in "out of ink" theory

hate when I'm accused of using capslock in an email when I was in fact using the full passion of the shift key

Tater tots
Hush puppies
Toddler cobbler
Fledgling fritters
Kindchenschema dumplings
Children of the corn

puff, tot, poof, rounds... idgaf as long as it's got that tater

ode to the tater barrel:

tater tots are superior
all other potato products, inferior
get a load of their crispy exterior

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Mastodon factions:

β€’ genderpunk lefties
β€’ botsmiths
β€’ digital anarchists
β€’ hardwerewolves
β€’ solargoths
β€’ cryptocryptids
β€’ sparkle scholars

H.U.R.L./Slob Zone 3D (Deep River Publishing/Millennium Media Group, 1995)

sext: you add butter and flavoring (optional)...i soak my corn (optional)

I'm shy on here vs birdsite cos I got and have to read the room for at least three years before i believe I've written a worthwhile toot lol

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