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Announcing my new build system for web applications! It uses something called a "file system" where you put your JavaScript in a *.js file, your HTML in a *.html file, and your CSS in a *.css file. Please be sure not to type too many characters into any of the files, and not to have too many files, ideally just one of each per page. Remove features from your application in order to ensure these constraints.

The bug report complaining this is incompatible with capitalism has been closed BYDESIGN

@codl pah... all derivatives of the classic 1921 meme about how crappy you look when a flashbulb goes off

.biz? more like dot CLASS. damn dude how'd you land that one?

all runs on server. serverless is but an illusion. *leaves the webinar abruptly*

last of us ii developer: I need to write some generic awareness meter thing to control animation... maybe I'll call it a "heartbeat"
last of us ii marketing: holy. fucking. shit.

Wow, heyyyy Ms Pacman all I gotta ask is...
is there is Mr. Pacman?
oh, there is.

babies that have been alive less than a day don't know SHIT about the world and it SHOWS. so embarrassing.

video of satanic panic tv that's sampled in electric wizard songs - incomplete tho!

🎶 "life's the same
when living on internet
life's the same
except for my shows
life's the same
you're shakin' like silicon
life's the same
it's all inside you"

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