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logoninternet πŸ‘½ @logoninternet@mastodon.social

early bird gets the worm, but I'd be happy to make more worm it's no big deal. you go get cozy and I'll bring you a cup.

🎢 Oh I love trash
I love it because it's trash
- Oscar the Grouch

Why did they call it Skyrim and not BloodbjΓΆrn?

The general consensus seems to be:

1) 20th Century Fox owns the "Alien" franchise.
2) "Alien" xenomorphs are born from a Queen.
3) Disney is buying 20th Century Fox.
4) Xenomorphs are Disney princesses.

puff, tot, poof, rounds... idgaf as long as it's got that tater

if only I could combine my love for Windows 95 and hot dogs

very much appreciating the "food" cws on mastodon this holiday season πŸ˜…

#procjam day 2 and 3 Show more

i think i just did my first exactly-500-character toot! the slam dunk of tooting.

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hey mastodon please stop making me cry. really though, this place is so good now. feeling greatfull that it exists. thank you.

On the anniversary of Laika’s death, I wanted to remind people that I wrote a game about her. philome.la/mistydemeo/space-ad

(cw death)

please pass the recursibutter and #procjam Show more

did you know that computers? it's true! it's also why. so when you're using the internet, always remember. you never know when!