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"god dammit janson! your jeans are writing checks your jorts can't cash!"

the jorts bot has completely infected my brain with a memetic virus. i am at its whim. no thinking will happen today, or perhaps ever again.

POV: you've been a bad girl and you have to go sit on the jand

mastodon instance idea: twitter retirement/twitter trauma recovery

newspapers seriously gotta stop publishing op-eds online. there's plenty of discussion facilitated elsewhere now, and people clearly can't tell the difference between op-eds and the news, no matter how many words are wrapped around it. they end up just hyper platforming people gaming this part of the media world. op-eds are just another crusty old artifact of the world without internet.

this game has been compared to dark souls because of the way you retrieve dropped resources on death, but its honestly not as big of a deal because the resources are not that precious and tap out early. this game is much more like dark souls in that it tries to use its story to explain purpose of all the major game mechanics, especially death. a lotta people who copy dark souls don't do that right.

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I'll say this much - i freaking love the "amortal" elementalists. people keep calling this game steampunk which its clearly not - there isnt even any steam. it's 100% a throwback to wacky and violent 60s/70s scifi like the Prisoner and Clockwork Orange, which rocks tbh

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