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logoninternet ๐Ÿ‘ฝ @logoninternet@mastodon.social

The general consensus seems to be:

1) 20th Century Fox owns the "Alien" franchise.
2) "Alien" xenomorphs are born from a Queen.
3) Disney is buying 20th Century Fox.
4) Xenomorphs are Disney princesses.

puff, tot, poof, rounds... idgaf as long as it's got that tater

if only I could combine my love for Windows 95 and hot dogs

very much appreciating the "food" cws on mastodon this holiday season ๐Ÿ˜…

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#procjam day 2 and 3 Show more

i think i just did my first exactly-500-character toot! the slam dunk of tooting.

#procjam day 1 Show more

hey mastodon please stop making me cry. really though, this place is so good now. feeling greatfull that it exists. thank you.

On the anniversary of Laikaโ€™s death, I wanted to remind people that I wrote a game about her. philome.la/mistydemeo/space-ad

(cw death)

please pass the recursibutter and #procjam Show more

did you know that computers? it's true! it's also why. so when you're using the internet, always remember. you never know when!

very excited to start my project! there might be some 3 AM tooting tomorrow morning. :DDDDD

going to hopefully make a mastodon bot for . already have an idea... but don't want to jinx it.

so much depends

cryptographic hashing

bitrotting in git

behind a flashing