Been quite a while since I was on here.


a lot's happened.

Got my ham radio license. If you're in eastern MA (especially near Brockton), keep an ear out for KC1QGV (that's me)! I'm almost exclusively on 2m atm. Sometimes 70cm if mobile. I usually use the Waltham ARA or MMRA repeaters.

If you're mostly interested in music & software, here's the 2020-Sep 2021 update:

Maybe should do another update or something idk.

Frankly the last year has been pretty rough. I won't go into the details here. There's just been... so much. Lots of small things going wrong. Some larger things.

It'll eventually resolve and I'll be okay, but it's fucking rough.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best to keep my head up. Trying to hit the balance between keeping myself busy enough and not burning myself out or exacerbating my disabilities & chronic health problems in some way. Been doing an okay job at that, I think.

There's some stuff I'll try to remember to repost from Twitter tomorrow.

Those reposts are mainly about:
- Parts Horse
- Bork
- an experiment involving an xbox controller
- receiving SSTV broadcasts from the ISS back in December

May write stuff on my website and link here instead. Dunno yet.


@puppy always good to hear from my fellow contributor of - take care pal.

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