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Fangoria is once again available in print and there is hope for humanity.

These days, Twitter is like a fusion of the French Revolution and the Spanish Inquisition. Fun times! 😬

Birds singing outside my windows. 😌

Working on this today. Celebrating the vibrant self.

Vacuumed the house, showered, got some food at the grocery store, and worked on my latest book today.

Yeah. Going to be here a lot more. And oboy, I got zines on my mind...

I'm really proud of my Patreon exclusive April booklet. Can't wait to write the May issue.

Twitter is so fucked up right now.

Idea for a drink: Mozart on a shag carpet

I need to use this thing more... Hey, I'm writing a series of short books, Mozart/Salieri story. A flight of fancy with some historical facts here and there. patreon.com/logospilgrim

It'd be cool if a lot of people I know ended up here...