I don't have any backup other than a UPS I use for the computer. I am looking to get a power inverter installed.These things are extremely expensive here so we tend to postpone doing it each time. Besides I don't have the technical knowledge to decide which option is the best : a solar system or something else...

@lohang We can't decide if we are going solar or wind. Wind is probably the better choice here but more expensive. Also we are planning to sell out and go rural. Where we move will determine the choice too. But like you said either one is quite expensive

@ragamuffinjim I decided to give it a try and assemble a solar system that would provide enough power to run my laptop and four or five LED lamps. It isn't that expensive if you do it yourself.

A DC only system that directly feeds the battery's DC power (with voltage conversion) to the laptop would be significantly more efficient than the usual inverter based system that needlessly converts DC->AC->DC. I now use such a DC only system to provide uninterrupted power for my self-hosted server. I get around 7 to 8 hours battery backup for my server (consumes around 8 to 10 W) with only a computer UPS battery (7.5 Ah lead acid).

@arunisaac This is very good to know. Do you use solar power to charge it, or AC power?

Unfortunately, I don't use solar power. I only use AC mains power. However, modifying my system to use solar power is very easy and I might do so in the future.

@arunisaac I see. Thanks again for the info. It simplifies things for me. I think I'll go for a setup like that immediately. A couple of LED lamps too can work that way, without an inverter.

@arunisaac Awesome! The main obstacle I had against my self-hosting attempts is power outages. I am now tempted to give it another try with this kind of a setup. \o/

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