how do you deal with the discontinuation of support in Mastodon? My current solution is to keep my old GS account active to be able to follow and interacti with GNUSocial and PostActiv users ...

@lohang not many gs users left, and i know zero (0) postactiv users

@lohang Friendica is the solution to every bridging problem. 😉

This is good to know. Friendica is a little too bulky and Facebook-ish for someone looking for a microblogging platform though...

@lohang Should be possible to port Pleroma FE to it. Most of it might even work out of the box.
@lohang I'm not entirely up to date on Pleroma, but I think I haven't heard anything about Pleroma BE dropping OStatus any time soon?
@clacke @trwnh @strypey @lohang The word is Pleroma will start phasing out ostatus when gnusocial is ready.

@strypey @clacke oh I had no idea about 's situation. I assumed it was due to some federation issue that I didn't get to see 's posts in a while :-/

I still interact with several GS users though, and these interactions started way back in days, so I value them highly

@lohang @clacke @strypey Thing are happening here and the idea is to merge with mmn when things are ready I believe.

@tuttle wow, that looks very active :) Thanks for sharing the link. They should update the webpage to reflect this. @clacke @strypey

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