A Thread In Defense of Richard Stallman

The identity politics crowd / lobby destroyed Richard Stallman with the support of corporate media and many others. Among those who applaud will be tech giant companies, opponents of software freedom and most importantly, ...

... those who were at the receiving end of his scathing criticism of surveillance state/surveillance capitalism. has been an outspoken defendant of , Julian , Chelsea and Edward .

The abrupt resignation of is a victory to the big brother. It leaves a political vacuum that those who applaud the resignation can never, and will never fill.

The "discussion"(or the lack of it) and the outrage that paved the way to his resignation reveals all the undemocratic characteristics of "sexual misconduct" witch-hunts we've seen in the recent past. Shame on you, ! Shame on you, !

Both and should have defended him instead of succumbing to the pressure of the witch-hunt. He is now being portrayed as a "creeper" and many other things. They dig up his past communications, take them out of context in a way that is typical to the crowd, ...

... in order to "prove" that he has been "abusive" and "controversial" from the very start; that he "defended paedophilia" and exhibited "creepy behaviour towards women".


Soon, they will start packaging it in combination with attacks against his resolute defense of software freedom, opposition to the surveillance state and US-lead imperialist war drive around the world. Those who replace him will undermine what stood for, politically.

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Did I mention that some already go as far as to portray him as an apologist of Epstein? still has an article titled "Computer scientist Richard Stallman, who defended Jeffrey Epstein, resigns from MIT CSAIL and the Free Software Foundation"!!!

How can this go unchallenged? This is a campaign that bends and stretches facts in the most surreal way. The principal rule that has been applied against is "anything goes". The similarities this has to the witch-hunt against Jacob Appelbaum are astonishing!

The old school free software community must wake up! Demand an open and inclusive discussion on the issues at stake at all places, all forums and mailing lists.

@lohang You lost me right from your first toot when you mentioned, and I quote, the "metoo lobby". That's a very bad way to start a conversation and a wrong characterization of a spontaneous movement that wants to shine light on the scale of sexual abuses in our society. You frame all this with a conspiracy theory lens which immediately invalidates any argument you're trying to make.
I suggest you delete those toots and start over.

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