Sri Lanka Telecom not only failed to provide a functional website to register for the so-called ebill service; they also disconnected our phone/broadband/TV without delivering the bills. We received two bills days later. It was the worst service we had during the lockdown period.

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This is in addition to several major service outages. Don't get me started on the "exemption" of one month's (or was it two?) payment! There was no such thing.

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@lohang Could also be fault of the postal service also. In #Brazil's Consumer Protection and Defense Code (pt-BR: Código de Proteçāo e Defesa do Consumidor, CPDC or CDC) the person that should be receiving the package or parcel can also demand some action from their local Program/Procurer for Consumer Defense.

@adfeno I realized what was happening only after they disconnected the phone line. And I didn't have the time (or energy) to get into a process like that. I paid the outstanding bill and got the connection restored.


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