How do you feel about having to scan/photograph your signature and put it on digital documents? I've been asked to do that many times, but it feels wrong and unauthentic.

@Moon I have a document waiting to be signed this way since April 1st. I still cannot make up my mind to do it. It's going to expire soon :-S

@Moon @lohang My signature.png file has the modification date Mar 03 2007, that's how long I've been doing it because I was dead broke and didn't feel like wasting toner on printing stuff for signing and then scanning it again.

Pretty hilarious a lot of places still haven't progressed beyond that.

As long as it is:
a) print digital document,
b) sign document
c) scan signed document
it feels authentic.

@lohang anyone can scan/photograph anyone's signature... including famous people's signatures that can found on the web... Dangerous method.

@lohang In my opinion it is equivalent of facsimile e.g. scanned document or photocopy.

It can serve some purpose but it is supposed to also have authentic original available.


If a person who was paralyzed gave spoken consent for another person to sign a document for them, is it an authentic signature? If an illiterate person signed a document with an "X" instead of a name, is it an authentic signature? Many people would say yes.

Signatures, handshakes, salutes, hand-over-heart, swearing on holy books, all are social signals. All social signals are as authentic as one prefers them to be.

The more it's all viewed as a game, the more laughs are to be had.

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