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Guten Morgen - good morning - bonjour - buongiorno - bun di - buenos días !tzag !fediverse
Lohan G @lohang

@hikerus hello and good morning from a *new* corner of the :-D

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@lohang Good morning - so you switched to mastodon?

@hikerus Yeah. The site where I had my GS account is malfunctioning and the admin is missing. I am tired of having to move too often without any data portability. I decided to give up on which is the main thing I'll be missing. If not, I'll have to resub to all of my contacts, and rejoin/recreate all of my groups manually.

Mastodon provides a one-click export and import of subscriptions. But I am yet to go through the list of GS contacts and add them here.

@lohang Ok thanks for information. Seems to me a pity that there is a new development of a similar GS software instead to fix and improve GS itself.

@hikerus That is true. But on the other hand this diversity is good as long as both platforms can federate and interoperate with each other.

@lohang But if you have too much similar but different projects, all with a few users - no one will survive.
@lohang BTW the avatar of your account does not federate.

@hikerus I'm afraid that is beyond my control. I hope it will resolve. Other GS instances have received the avatar. As a user (who is not a developer or a proper sysadmin), the best I can do it using the platform that gives me the freedom and maximum data portability.

@lohang And the same nickname on different federated servers isn't a good idea as all.

@hikerus I'm really sorry about that. I tried using a different username. But it didn't really work. (I couldn't like it) :-D

@lohang Perhaps I give you a little bit more details: Technical it works with same nickname on different servers.

But there is a logical issue:  If someone followed you on the old nickname and you have now an other account with same name - the message from that user to you goes to the old account - and probably you don't see it.

@hikerus I am well aware of the technical issues (and the logical ones too). You are correct.

When I started migrating I tried using a new username. But there is a *human* factor too. This is the username I am familiar with. Let us hope that GS and Mastodon will support nomadic identities, some day.

@hikerus For now I did the best I could do: make an announcement on all of my old accounts and requested my subscribers to purge all the old subscriptions. Some might miss that notice. But that is life. I am sure I will get around to let them know. I am not the only one using the same username across several federated sites.

@lohang As long as federated technology treats your account ID like as an email address its like that. user@google.com and user@msn.com are not the same ID, as well.

@lohang Should be no problem if you change the nick of the old GS account (into lohangnomore or so). Don’t just delete it. Otherwise subscriptions are broken but might not be purged properly.

@morph Great! Will do so. Thank you for the suggestion :-)

@morph You were faster - would suggest this also to @lohang  ;-)

@hikerus @morph oh well, my old instance gnusocial.no doesn't support changing nick. :-( That field is inactive.