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There is a very positive impact of Mastodon: Since the spread of its instances did the fediverse grow rapidly in diversity of users. Before that it was rather monotonous -- always the same FLOSS marketeers ("advocates") w/ their predictable political and cultural attitudes and opinions. Now we have a diversity that wasn't there when the Fediverse was dominated by GS, Friendica and others.
re: accessible : ... or perhaps: made the fediverse rather interesting for them. Somehow M was able to attract the numbers GS and others never achieved.

@simsa0 Better communication and user friendly/ intuitive design made it possible for non-tech people to understand how things work and get things done easily on Mastodon. In GS there were/are too many hurdles when it comes to understanding even the main functions of the platform. This helped the influx of many users from diverse backgrounds. This is what I meant by accessible. Fediverse is interesting when you got interesting people talking about all sorts of interesting things.

@lohang @simsa0 GS with Qvitter is just as easy to understand, AND is not as overwhelming. ;) But I see your point. Like I said a few days ago - I am glad mastodon is here, the more choices for the end user, the better.
Lohan G @lohang

@stitchxd I am happy that Qvitter is easy to understand. I am happy that Mastodon is easy to understand. I am not blind to deny that Mastodon took it to the widest userbase we have ever had. I am glad that the is expanding. I am not interested in GS vs Mastodon debates. It is pointless. I appreciate Mastodon's contribution in popularizing federated social networks and free microblogging platforms.


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