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Lohan G @lohang@mastodon.social

Just logged in to after a long time. And man, it has changed a lot. It looks like a playground of someone who enjoys combining and tinkering with too many things. To name a few : WordPress, Joomla, Mediawiki, IRC, websites, Facebook... All-in-one. Who would want to use such a thing? Not me. I cannot even navigate within the platform and find things.

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@zoowar just a personal response, based on the first impression. To be fair, I think a massive network of sites like BBC can benefit from

@lohang Hubzilla is like a framework. Now we need to create app for each things it could do and make it simple. The basics of hubzilla is nomadic identity. It could be usefull or not.
@lohang Hubzilla is fabulous. You are right it is too complicated. The one who will make it a simple hubzilla for each purpuse will be the best. Less configuration for user.