adds another layer of complications to the blacklisting / shadow-banning problem because it gives prominence to the "Local timeline" and "Federate timeline". By design, both timelines *can* appear in the same window alongside the "Home" timeline. This might trigger more requests for banning users. On other platforms such as or , you tend to have little interaction with the "public" timeline unless you decide to load a separate page.

@lohang It would be nice to have an option to go for a single-page mode akin to #GNUSocial, though I'm pretty content with the multi-column layout.

@Normandy yeah multi-column layout is good and useful in many ways.

I can now understand why some users keep saying that "I see his posts and I cannot stand him", "he is an idiot", "please put CW when you post about politics" and so on. People can still see a user (more often than on other platforms) without following him. Old fashioned fediverse people like me might find it difficult to understand. We tend to focus on our "Home" timeline. I still do that. That is why I kept saying that "why don't you simply unfollow him and mind your own business"...

@lohang idk... if someone is annoying or upsetting enough on my local but not necessarily breaking any rules, i always have the option of muting them or blocking them.

@cycm this is very true. And I am a happy user of this multi-column interface. This is just an observation. Mastodon users tend to have a different perception of the timelines because of how it is designed.

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