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The US prosecutor last week explicitly stated that the US govt has "never said they would not prosecute journalists" using the 1917 Espionage Act.

Assange will NOT be the last. He's just the first.

This really is the last chance for other journos to speak up.

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Critical reading on the #2: These warnings were made by the @WSWS_Updates@twitter.com 20 years ago. Bush stole the election, and the Democrats did nothing. The decline of American democracy is far more advanced today.


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On Nina Simone:
“I crossed paths with her in the New York City Village Gate nightclub.
I looked up to her. She was an overwhelming artist, piano player & singer. Very strong woman, very outspoken.
That she was recording my songs validated everything that I was about.”
~Bob Dylan

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a victim of & was remanded for 2 weeks for not wearing white to Courts So far, the police have lodged 40 cases against her. The police have been targeting her which is near the river as they need it for me

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Journalist @kennardmatt@twitter.com & I discuss the conflicts of interest in the case

WATCH: youtu.be/HVWJbHcVXcA

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Some interesting finds at Hall ‘H’ at the Colombo book fair. Lots of small publishers to support and not too crowded yesterday. Restocked a bunch of Russian translations that were childhood favorites. Also found several Twitter folks like @lohang@twitter.com @moogater@twitter.com and @Cokroach@twitter.com :)

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WATCH: John Shipton 'Julian didn't do anything, they did'

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සැප්තැම්බර් 27 වැනිදාට පස්සෙ මේ සයිට් එකෙන් 'ගුහා සටන' ගන්න පුළුවන්•

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Someone is impersonating me. Please report it to Twitter immediately. This account is NOT me.

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'දේ-බැඳි අන්තර්ජාලය' දැන් මම නිතර පාවිච්චි කරන පදයක්.

මේ අවුරුදු දෙකකට කලින් ට්විටරයේ දී එය 103 ට 1 ක වැඩි ඡන්දයෙන් සම්මත වූ අවස්ථාව ;-)


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@_thinkholic@twitter.com 103 ට 1 ඡන්දෙන් 'දේ-බැඳි අන්තර්ජාලය' කියන පදය තාවකාලික භාවිතයට ගෙනාවා ;-)


cc @Ayshmarq@twitter.com , @chav_@twitter.com @thameera@twitter.com and 100 others

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How are you empowering users to take full control of their computing? Tell us about it: submit a session for 2021! u.fsf.org/359 Need inspiration? Listen to this year’s talks: u.fsf.org/328

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Breaking: Testimony of Cassandra Fairbanks has been read into court unopposed. Arthur Schwartz, a close advisor to recorded saying Julian Assange removed from the ecuadorian embassy "on the orders of the President" @CassandraRules@twitter.com

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Julian Assange's extradition hearings are frankly terrifying, and if you care about the free press, you should be worried, irrespective of whether you like Assange or Wikileaks. As the old saying goes, "Hard cases make bad law."


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328 days ago Political Prisoner was illegally arrested. In a few hours he'll wake up at 5 am, be handcuffed, stripped naked, x-rayed, put into holding cells & than spend 1.5 hrs in a van on the way to court where he'll meet with his lawyers for 30 min.
Due Process?

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.@khrafnsson@twitter.com of @WikiLeaks@twitter.com describes @suigenerisjen@twitter.com's testimony in which she states that @DanaRohrabacher@twitter.com met with Julian in the Ecuadorian Embassy on behalf of president @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com to offer a pardon if Assange revealed the source of the DNC leaks. Assange refused.

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