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The Complete Recordings of Ezra Pound, rec. 1939-1972 [MP3]: ubu.com/sound/pound.html

Saying good bye to a costume. I think it is a reckless and dangerous thing to hold theatre events - especially theatre competitions - at this stage of the pandemic. Some believe otherwise. I got no choice other than leaving the production and allowing others to move on.

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Limited access to legal counsel and a laptop with glued-down keys to prepare defense. No winter clothes. Up to 23 and half hours per day in isolation. That's how the UK is treating a publisher wanted by the US for revealing evidence of war crimes.

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“I hope this email finds you—“ STOP FINDING MEEEEE

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How it started... How it's going.

Facebook & Google’s conception of privacy is really security, which are not the same. It’s "we’ll try to make sure hackers can’t get the data on our servers, but we’ll continually mine it for profit ourselves." 🙄

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Side effects are caused by how the body reacts to the vaccine due to natural inflammatory reactions or immune system reaction. A majority of vaccine receivers don’t report any side effects. Following is a list of side effects reported to AZ Oxford vaccine. twitter.com/mashafern/status/1

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Best thing I saw this week.

Visit their page on Facebook for more අර්ධ සුපෝපබෝගී බස් ගමන් with බස් සිංදු


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In the UK, a publisher is held in a max security prison since almost two years because the US wants to jail him. His "crime"? Disclosing evidence of war crimes. No winter clothes delivered to him. To prepare his defense he was given a laptop with glued down keys.

කෙසෙල් පැළය කා අවසන් කළ හරකා පොල් පැළය කෑමට හැරී ඡායාරූපයකට පෙනී සිටි ඒ සොඳුරු මොහොත.

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Ahoy, there! Inkscape-Junkies!
Have your artwork seen by millions of Inkscape users around the World. Join these amazing artists, by entering the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen contest. Do you have what it takes? BE IN IT, TO WIN IT! Deadline: Feb. 21: inkscape.org/news/2021/01/23/a

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(2/3) an a very lucky sighting of a rare winter visitor seen in for the first time - The Red-naped Ibis !

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Magical and this past week. Love going here once a year during the migratory season. It never disappoints. Thousands of gulls and terns by Adams Bridge (1/3)

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If there was no real case against , Attorney General could easily have said so months ago without prolonging legal harassment of writer & his family (young son traumatised). Did AG drag on matter to create chilling effect on others exercising ?

Only the bald are paid.

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for anyone self employed trying to get paid at the moment. Or any moment.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/5tevieM/status/129

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GOOD NEWS: The case against writer Shakthika Sathkumara has finally been dropped after the Attorney General decided not to file indictments. We welcome this news. Shakthika should never have spent a day behind bars for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

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We just added the 2 millionth book to our lending library. That should be enough to keep you reading during the pandemic.


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