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Biden proposes a $753,000,000,000 Pentagon budget 💲 per day

Attempted to map every US Military base, and it was not easy

The🇺🇸today maintains approximately 800 base sites in around 80 foreign countries

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Germany's Miniatur Wunderland has set a new world record for the longest melody played by a model train cnn.it/3s9yUYu

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This is why they try to silence Assange: A little girl on the street in a yellow dress, who would frequently go to collect candy from US troops, one day a tank goes past, and for an inexplicable reason, a shooter comes out of the US tank and blows her away | Julian Assange, 2010

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: To mark Baudelaire's bicentennial, Matthew Beaumont explores an oft-overlooked Baudelairean archetype, the convalescent... publicdomainreview.org/essay/c @Longreads@twitter.com

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Sunday will mark 2 years of Julian's arbitrary incarceration in Belmarsh prison.

Enough is enough. Let him come home.

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🇱🇰 : @RSF_inter@twitter.com strongly condemns the arrest of photoreporter Mālika Abeykoon while he was covering a protest by health workers yesterday in . He was assaulted by the police and has been remanded until 12 April. He must be released now!

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11 years ago @wikileaks@twitter.com made the first of 5 publications for which the US government is seeking to put 175 behind bars.

The video shows clear evidence of war crimes according to the Rules of Engagement of the time.

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11 years ago today WikiLeaks published . It was a defining moment in our understanding of the Iraq war.

While the killers were never tried, the publisher Julian faces life imprisonment

Exposing war crimes is not a crime

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TODAY: 11 years ago WikiLeaks published a US military video documenting a war crime.

2 Reuters journalists were killed—in a massacre of up to 25 people—and the Pentagon blocked Reuters from accessing the video under FOI collateralmurder.wikileaks.org

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Short 'pataphysical music video for an Alfred Jarry song, "La chanson du décervelage" (1965): ubu.com/film/averty_chanson.ht

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Julian Assange today.

Any journalist tomorrow.

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Impressive work @shantisignl@twitter.com ShantiSignl of Captain Borderline!
If you are in Berlin, go to see huge mural at Stresemannstr. 15, 10963 Kreuzberg

This was also added to our fast growing archive of Assange & WL inspired artworks.

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Check out the new mural for Julian Assange at Stresemannstr. 15, 10963 Berlin
today 4pm.
Excellent work by @shantisignl@twitter.com

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Happening now: Columbia U grad student workers onthe picket line:

"Down, down, down with the bosses! Up, up, up with the workers!"

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