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RIP #AaronSwartz, 8 years already : « Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world's entire scientific and cultural heritage […] is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. »


Here's why the extradition ruling raises worrying questions over the future of investigative journalism

වර්ගවාදී ආතතීන් අවුස්සමින් මිලිටරිය යාපනය විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ මුල්ලිවයික්කාල් ස්මාරකය බිඳ දමයි

RT Kathyana Amarasinghe recently got her third novel "ධරණී" translated to Tamil. It was translated by M. Rishan Shareef.
Published by Poobalasingham Book Depot, Colombo.


State surveillance started out just against limited target groups, but grew in profitability and scope until it was ubiquitous.

State censorship will follow the same path.

Eventually, even those cheering it on will find they are being directly targeted.


Mastodon, Bitchute, Steemit, blah, blah. Isn't it clear that, if Mastodon ever got near Facebook's reach, it would be subject to exactly the same political pressures to censor as Facebook. Switching networks isn't any kind of solution


It's terrifying, with all our main means of communication effectively in private hands, to hear the general approval for letting billionaire-owned corporations dictate our speech rights in line with vague 'terms of service'

RT is the fiancee of my son, journalist & political prisoner Julian Assange, & mother of their 2 young children Gabriel 3 & Max 1

Shes fighting hard to save Julians life & has just lost 2,000 followers in this


Just heard from Julian. It's freezing in his cell. The hot water pipe system in Belmarsh prison broke. He says it's "getting really, really cold".

We're at a critical juncture. We need to get him out of prison, now.

US must drop this case, now.

Dear all, I am looking to compile a list of Sinhala and English books by Sri Lankan authors available in Tamil translation. Please let me know what you know.

And please give me pointers on where to find more information.

"අන්තවාදය මර්දනය කරන්න" ට්විටර්, ෆේස්බුක් වගේ සමාගම් උදව් කරාවි කියලා හිතීම මිථ්‍යාවක්. ඔවුන් හැම අවස්ථාවක ම කර තියෙන්නේ වාරණය හා ඔත්තු බැලීම තර කිරීම. ඔවුන්ගේ උදව්වෙන් අන්තවාදය මඬින්න බෑ. ලංකාවේ සිදු වුණු වර්ගවාදී ප්‍රහාරවලට ප්‍රතිචාර දක්වන ව්‍යාජයෙන් ඔවුන් කළෙත් ඒකයි.

උදේ අහස දිහා බලද්දී ඉස්සර වගේ හරියට ම කියන්න බෑ මේ තියෙන්නේ මීදුම ද නැත්නම් වෙන දුමාරයක් ද කියල. සමහර දවස්වලට දවල් වෙද්දී තේරෙනවා ඒක මීදුම නොවන බව.


Lasantha couldn't write to save his life. He could only risk it & write truth to power. Week after week he chose to put his life on the line, to publish & be dammed, to turn down easy ways out. He was unbowed & unafraid, right to the very brutal end. 12 years today🕯

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Finding one of the first images that I ever drew on #GIMP after starting to use Linux 10 years made me realize how #FreeSoftware fosters a mindset of learning.


Year In Progress 2020
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 103%


Lasantha was gunned down 12yrs ago. Here's his last editorial when he predicted his own death-

"For truth be told, we both know who will be behind my death, but dare not call his name. Not just my life, but yours too, depends on it"

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