Really the only thing that keeps me on Birdsite is my lady... otherwise, the experience here is so much more pleasant...

@lojikil I have to peek back there now and then to see if there's any infosec fun but's a better place.


@munin yeah, I think the news posts are missing here for me; thinking about what AP or AFP or Reuters could do here would be nice. I was thinking about making a bot to run SMMRY against news and post top news articles to simulate the same here.

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@lojikil not so much regular news - things like when erratarob is scanning the internet again or summat

@munin oh yeah, that as well; I don't even know how much I care any more for infosec "news," much of it is cock measuring. I do miss the PLT folks over here.

@lojikil eh, I need to keep an eye on it for clients. even the measurement contests sometimes end up spawning summat of interest

@munin I mean, so do I, I get asked to speak about the latest and greatest all the time, but it still feels mostly hollow to me, and rather uninteresting. Show me building, some new software, some new verification, some new *something*. I'm just tired of the silliness.

@lojikil well we will see if any of my cfps get accepted this year ;-)

@munin don't worry, the one CFP that I had a lock on I withdrew from. I've had my compilers & verification talk rejected numerous times now.

@lojikil I use cfps to direct my project schedule - if they show an interest then the project gets built. That's how foghorn came to be - it was the one that got accepted.

I have an rf safety and a two person controls poc in the pipe currently - we shall see if either gets anything.

@munin ah interesting; I just blather on about whatever I've been hacking on in the spare time anyway. I always try to make my talks something I'd want to listen to anyway, which is how both my Heraclitus Seminar and "On Being Eeyore in Infosec" talks came to be.

@lojikil I have...too many projects. Having an external indicator of which ones might be worth pursuing is nice.

@munin yeah, I can see that; I used to be that way, but I've since mainly cut down, and placed them on a digestible pipeline.

@lojikil In my case, it's kind of like analysis paralysis - I keep seeing things that I know how to investigate and that I want to implement. Then everything gets cut off halfway and I end up not finishing anything.

when there is external interest and a deadline, things prioritize much easier.

@munin ah that makes sense; I've been working on programming languages for so long that it has become 100% required to prioritize lest you end up with a half-working interpreter for a language you meant to implement differently.

@munin I also find it hilarious how painfully northern your dialect of english is, despite being from the US...

@lojikil heheh...I blame it on reading too many dialect heavy books

@munin the question is, will you continue to shift your dialect ever more northward, til you only write to us in the most Scottish of Scots???

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