Really the only thing that keeps me on Birdsite is my lady... otherwise, the experience here is so much more pleasant...

@lojikil I have to peek back there now and then to see if there's any infosec fun but's a better place.

@munin yeah, I think the news posts are missing here for me; thinking about what AP or AFP or Reuters could do here would be nice. I was thinking about making a bot to run SMMRY against news and post top news articles to simulate the same here.

@lojikil not so much regular news - things like when erratarob is scanning the internet again or summat

@munin oh yeah, that as well; I don't even know how much I care any more for infosec "news," much of it is cock measuring. I do miss the PLT folks over here.

@lojikil eh, I need to keep an eye on it for clients. even the measurement contests sometimes end up spawning summat of interest


@munin I also find it hilarious how painfully northern your dialect of english is, despite being from the US...

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@lojikil heheh...I blame it on reading too many dialect heavy books

@munin the question is, will you continue to shift your dialect ever more northward, til you only write to us in the most Scottish of Scots???

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