what is everyone using for Mastodon on their mobile devices? I've both Android & iOS (primary carry is iOS, but I travel abroad with Android).

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Twidere. Does Twitter too. Android *and* ios, I think, although I can only talk about the former.

@lojikil I've installed a half-dozen android apps for mastodon so far, but mostly use the web app 😁

@djsundog ja, s'not a bad idea. It's just that it would be nicer to have a mobile-focused client whilst on the go (I actually don't use Mastodon on my mobs yet because of this).

@lojikil @djsundog I'm using Tusky on Android. The previous release was a bit more stable than the current one, but development is active.

@lojikil the mobile web layout (particularly after adding to homescreen for the minimal chrome experience) is not horrible and improving, but the native apps I screenshotted aren't bad either

@djsundog yeah, that's what I'm thinking; my daily driver is iOS, and Chrome for iOS isn't all that hot (I actually use FF4i as my main browser, same as Android with FF4A). I like the look of some of those native apps tho...

@djsundog ja, that's the one I've been keepin my eye on... I'll probably give it a whirl today. Also setting up my burner phone for abroad travel, sooooo

@djsundog @lojikil I had the problem that the Mastodon edit-field was unusable in Firefox on mobile devices, but that seems mostly gone in 1.4rc4 (which reminds me I should close the issue on that).
I have been using Tusky on Android, which has worked for my needs up to now, even though it sometimes crashes after sending a post.

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