@natecull relevant to your interests methinks: github.com/mntmn/interim

(mntmn also developed a modern video card for the Amiga so he's a generally an interesting frood)

@natecull I had interim running on a pi last summer and it was quite nice to have a little lispmachine in the lab - I keep hoping it will pick up enough steam to move forward a bit

@natecull getting interim running on the pi2 was a pain last summer, and it doesn't seem he's worked on it much since, but it would certainly scratch that nothing but S-expressions itch you've got :)

@djsundog Probably what I need to do first is work out how to deactivate reader macros in Racket.

Because I want to try writing adventure games in it and OF COURSE the very first thing I hit is "I have loads of text with punctuation symbols and BANG NOPE".

@djsundog Yes I'm trying to store text as lists of words like any self-respecting 1970s AI hacker why do you ask and where are you going with that straitjacket

@djsundog Like eg:


Along with whitespace, the following characters are delimiters:

( ) [ ] { } " , ' ` ;

A delimited sequence that starts with any other character is typically parsed as either a symbol, number, or extflonum, but a few non-delimiter characters play special roles:

and then # | \

and omg WHAT this is INSANE you're leaving me NOTHING

and Racket is the nicest Scheme!!!

@djsundog but even if you're not trying to Frankenstein up a text-parsing DSL out of raw S-expressions, the sheer number of weird macro forms on this page should turn your hair white

Who needs all of these? What's it all for? This is like the Java class library, only at the syntax level!



"The reader layer of the Racket language can be extended through the form."

No see I want the OPPOSITE of 'extend' I want to retract the reader. Just cut out all that weird insane crud.

I guess that means I have to write my own, or something.

I know it's possible! But I also know I only have about 40 years of life left and the Racket manual is LONG.

@djsundog @lojikil I always feel smarter when I visit his site!

But I also feel very, very, very dumb indeed.

@lojikil @djsundog Uh, wait

I meant okmij


Definitely a genius, if I had the slightest clue what any of it meant


@djsundog @natecull Oh gosh, did I just get compared to Oleg? Man, I shouldn't even be correcting Oleg's spelling mistakes (of which there are none, because his papers type checked before he sent them off).

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