Even though I was never *really* a Common Lisper, I sometimes wish I was so I could use and rely upon the Hyperspec every day.

@cemerick disregard Hyperspec, Acquire ISLisp Spec: islisp.info/specification.html

ISLisp is smaller, and nicer in so many ways than CL was/is.

@lojikil interesting. tbh, I'm too scheme-aligned to ever really return to CL or similar


@cemerick Well, so ISLisp is way closer to Scheme (via EULisp) than CL, but it has many of the "I need big things for big ideas" that CL has. Honestly, it's been one of my life goals to make an ISLisp compiler, since I think it would actually give me all of what I normally need from Typed systems + all of what I want from Lisp systems. And I'm mainly a scheme head too, witness Digamma.

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@lojikil yeah, that was mostly a nontechnical statement (I think "aligned" implies that naturally?). i.e. even given the alignment, and as much as I can appreciate the minimalist tradition, I'll always reach for racket or an actual r6rs instead of cobbling together a system from protoplasm

@lojikil I confess I've done little more w.r.t. Digamma beyond skim the readme and TODO.

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