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@starhaze @maiyannah even the algorithm itself is simple to implement. The RFC is straight forward to follow.

@djsundog yeah, that's what I'm thinking; my daily driver is iOS, and Chrome for iOS isn't all that hot (I actually use FF4i as my main browser, same as Android with FF4A). I like the look of some of those native apps tho...

@djsundog ja, s'not a bad idea. It's just that it would be nicer to have a mobile-focused client whilst on the go (I actually don't use Mastodon on my mobs yet because of this).

@maiyannah @starhaze that, and there are semi-practical attacks against SMS/VOIP at that level. even ZRTP has its issues. Really depends on your threat model, but (T|H)OTP really is a no-brainer.

what is everyone using for Mastodon on their mobile devices? I've both Android & iOS (primary carry is iOS, but I travel abroad with Android).

@starhaze @djsundog as you can see tho, DJSundog is right (as usual): I have recreated Gopher many times over.

@starhaze @djsundog thanks! We're actually going to be implementing it later this year at the office as an initial trial run for our darknet.

In case you're following along at home, I moved my ed-like directory editor over to using directory buffer objects. First pass with the new refactor is live in a gist:

@starhaze @djsundog yes, I use Gopher extensively with Chasha:

I also have Gopher servers written in Digamma (my high-performance Scheme dialect) and C. Additionally, I've been working on an extension of Gopher that is married to 9p called Whistlepig:

I have lots of ideas in the works around Gopher & WAIS. Why?

@lattera IIIIIIINTERESTING. I'm down there every week, I probably should pop by. Do they have PiZero W's?

@lattera your microcenter has a bunch of them? I think I need to visit that one next week when I'm down there...

@starhaze @djsundog even if they did, it would only be time before you had to roll them back up again. Besides, remember, as Camus states, the nature of it rolling back down is the rest during which you can authentically survey your freedom.

@djsundog that's part of the joy I think; it'll be interesting to see how the market stabilizes eventually.

@djsundog wow!

> Use \( and \) for inline LaTeX, and \[ and \] for display mode. OOOOOOOOOOO YES. Imagine stuff like Coq proofs and the like, here? Could even be for fun stuff like Euclid's geometries

I need to be on Mastodon more often, just so I can have @djsundog back in my life more 😂

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