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It’s ’s birthday!

Over the last 3 years we’ve watched it grow and achieve amazing things — in 2021 the worlds first high quality onion-routed video call was made possible by Lokinet.

Bring on 2022.

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The team behind @Lokinet_org@twitter.com and @Session_app@twitter.com is doing some of the best work in crypto right now.

I'm excited to announce that we joined forces to develop the future of Web 3.0 content distribution from scratch utilizing IPFS. You’ll love it.

Together we will change the world.

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Fun fact: there is a totally private and decentralised social media network, built on .

Say hello to ☕️ Cafe Loki ☕️



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is already changing the internet — and we've only just begun.

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Should you be worried about the Australian anti-encryption law -re @Lokinet_org@twitter.com ?! The code is already open source. The gov CAN create a modified client & then figure out a way to inject it onto a specific user's device. The Gov CANNOT create a systemic vulnerability (legally)

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With that in mind, because multicasting is a complex traffic type, it will put a much bigger strain on the @Oxen_io@twitter.com Service Node Network than unicasting does.

Because of that, using multicast would have to incur a cost — likely through a burn-based interaction with $OXEN.


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This is where Lokinet comes in. Because it's an IP-based onion-router, Lokinet CAN handle multicasting. Lokinet could let you share information with millions of people, almost instantly — all while remaining private and anonymous.


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Most of the time, if you want to use multicasting, you're going to have to run it over your own LAN. Multicasting over the internet just isn't really viable right now due to a whole bunch of technical red tape.


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Multicasting is used in heaps of critical enterprise network infrastructure. Everything from Cloudflare to the stock market uses multicast for validation and dissemination of information. But...multicasting isn't available for normal people, only big corporations.


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Why do multicast groups matter? Using multicast groups, one person (or device) can spread information to millions of users very, very quickly. Quickly enough to live stream video, to have a video conference, or to spread critical info (like an emergency alert).


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Normally we think about IP addresses as being related to a specific 'person', but multiple computers or devices can be collected into something called a multicast group — which has just one IP. Anything addressed to the multicast IP will then be sent to EVERYONE in the group.


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Firstly, what's multicasting?

Everything connected to the internet has an IP address, which is a unique identifier that lets you to send and receive information over the internet. If someone wants to send you info, they need your IP address, and vice versa.


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Onion-routed multicasting will completely democratise the ability to share and disseminate information over the internet (WAN) from one-to-many or many-to-many at the network level. It will let people share information with large numbers of people without intermediaries.


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Multicasting on Lokinet would take the power of the internet out of the hands of big tech companies, and put it back in the hands of you — the people using it.

So... who wants multicasting support on Lokinet?


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A voice call onion-routed through has lower latency than most international phone calls.

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so, 's head dev tells me this is a big deal but i just write the tweets and i have no idea what it means

let me know in the replies 👇👇👇

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High quality video calls, without exposing your IP address or putting your faith in a centralised VPN?

makes it possible.

Here's @JefferysKee@twitter.com and @alexblinton@twitter.com with a demo.

Full video:


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Kind of makes you think... delete and download .

Anonymous web browsing with no strings attached.

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The at least until recently CIO of big VPN ExpressVPN is one of the three former U.S. intelligence operatives who agreed today not to fight charges they illegally helped UAE hack people. Kind of makes you think.

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A glimpse into a parallel universe where the Russian navy developed onion-routing instead of the Americans.

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use a @Lokinet_org@twitter.com exit node and protect your /#i2p/#internet activity like a russian doll !

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