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I have published the python files and workshop talk that I presented at the P2P festival in Paris.

You can use this to retrieve blockchain data in ~100 lines of python.

Demain soir, on se retrouve sur .

Avec Agnes Crepet (Fairphone) nous discuterons de colonialisme numérique ou comment des multinationales imposent leur vision du numérique.

📅 mercredi 27 à 20h

Small project to scan for device on your network. Useful to scan for camera in your airbnb. Only for

Watching video through ZeroNet torrent plugin seeded by LQN's peertube instance.

Spent the last couple of weeks rewriting it to simplify integration for ZeroNet dev.

New release of the experimental Zeronet Browser with now installers for Linux, Mac OS (not tested) and Windows platforms.

Connecting to full node to resolve address after re-writting the ZeronameLocal plugin for python3.

New version of the browser poc. The release issues should be fixed (tested on Linux & Windows see screenshots). Feedback would be really appreciated.

PoC Browser for only working on for now. It is delivered with ZeroNet and you don't need to install anything for it to work.

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