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(the redux)

I'm Ramona. Gay-ass trans lady. I like making art and playing video games. I'm also Extremely Problematicβ„’

I make artwork:

I have also made a couple of games:

I have my main blog where I sometimes write shit:

I have a Patreon, if you would like to shove your money into the Art Hole:

i think i might try out a new instance today. just to do it.

i'm having fun with my RAcaseal, but i'm tempted to also make a FOnewearl. the server i'm on has 32 character slots, so i may as well use them.

tried out psu and it boy howdy it was bad as hell and there's literally no log out option. the only way i got it to quit was causing it to crash.

need to take a break from pixel drawing

going to try out this "phantasy star universe"

re-watching this really underrated promo and dong a "what if" situation in my head where the macho man wasn't forced into a commentary position

it's very clear sonic the hedgehog is but a phantom, with mania being nothing more than a shared hallucination.

i need to make a freakin video game here but i'm too preoccupied with drawing characters and shit

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