itchio people: is it possible to release a project on that site and have profits split evenly among members of the team who worked on it, rather one sum going to whoever runs the uploading account?

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@lonelyfrontier I don't think so. you should send them an email , they're a pretty responsive, maybe they'll add it. Iguess the best thing to do is make a group PayPal account?

@ryliejamesthomas I mean, it's not a game, so I can throw it on Gumroad or something, instead. Figured I'd throw it out there in case itchio had that feature so I can save the few minutes of signing up.

@lonelyfrontier it def feels like a feature they SHOULD have.

I guess they try not to handle the payments at all, but there is an option you can select where they hold money and you withdraw payments in lumps. If the option s anywhere it'd be there I guess

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