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all you fools using mastodon at school. i dropped out so i can be on mastodon full time to get that mastodon clout

who is everyones favorite komaeda on this webbed site

the funniest part about posting sfw sasuke is mastodon always crops the image directly on his crotch

The only thing I kin is 

Love and respect for trans women

the 5 bottoms in this call are just waiting for me to say something funney so they can toot it for laughs

glad the new meme is bdsm todd howard! thank you everyone!

First post!!!  This is a for confettiparfait @ da that I did back in December ^^

Any videos and photos that aren't Fingers in His Sunday today will be blocked.

someone: posts about the elder scrolls
me, reaching for the follow: i love you i love you i love you

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