I had to close the door on rhett cos he was staring at me too much and it was making me nervous but I already miss him

my god they made it so much worse. do i have to call hq and Ask To Speak To A Manager 👩

they changed my favorite lean cuisine... I know this is a minor ass problem but.... I'm sad, it was like, my "treat" dinner

(I mean. I can't cook and when I buy perishables I can't use them up in time anyway. Sooo)

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looks at wall of rhett photos with text "do it for him"

boss, nervously, after the fact: I may have angered our overlord today team

"everything takes 3x as long because of the new processes [implemented by you]"

"I'm so tired of hearing that everything takes 3x as long!!!!!"

well it does. you stupid rich fucking motherfucker. idiot

he got enraged at my boss for the crime of telling him..... actual facts about the process of the work we're doing....... lol

(the only downside is that, for some reason, it hides ace people too who are otherwise "straight" and I really don't like that)

"I don't want to see or be seen by straight people" is an amazing feature that is sadly just on that one website

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how much work have I done today? Not a whole lot. But they're paying me anyway, take that capitalists

a shitpost tonight: me and orlando are starting a garage band called nicky and the bobbies. anxiously awaiting boomers asking us which one is nicky

I did in fact play breath of the wild tonight, I could not find link his gerudo outfit though, further expeditions needed

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