I had to close the door on rhett cos he was staring at me too much and it was making me nervous but I already miss him

looks at wall of rhett photos with text "do it for him"

just swatted a piece of dust.... take that fucker

unexpectedly saw Steven Universe while opening a product in the database and went crazy for a minute thinking I had gone on total autopilot and clicked over to twitter... I guess we sell stuff with steven universe on it

I wish I could be like link in botw and climb the shit out of everything

this entire arc of otherknown is like that ep in atla where zuko has a fever bc he literally doesnt know how not to be evil

im posting a lot to keep myself awake until sandwiches get here

it's intl kissing day?? damn... I'm in No Canon Ships Yet hell

mine is the last one so everyone's gonna be SANDWICHED OUTTTT

of our 5 person department 3 of us have birthdays in the same week (this one) and considering everyone gets free sandwiches when it's someone's bday I wish we had gotten our heads together and planned this out a little more

I made up a few but the spiders one is real. I'm guessing it was some asshole bug walking across the sensor repeatedly just to fuck with me

Non-smoke things that can set off a smoke alarm, according to the internet:

pressure changes
radio waves

fire alarm went off 3x after 4am for no apparent reason... I feel perfectly Grotesque this morning

this whole, having 1 vacation day on Wednesday in the middle of the workweek thing is just gonna be too weird tomorrow

just pet a 4 month old dachsund puppy and I'm not recovered

ah yes. we've officially entered that time of year where it's still 90 degrees at midnight hours after the sun has gone down

the scene after this one has been a real doozy to write but I'm in the zoooone and I wish I didn't have to go to work early tomorrow morning

this actually isn't a bad ref photo, I'm just struggling to explain that the vein of what I actually wanted was something hot and anime

me: *drawing roughs* I need to reference a horrified expression
google: *produces this*
me: ...

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