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Lora @longlostlora@mastodon.social

boooo it won't scroll down to anything older than "1d"

is this some kind of self-care feature. Let me kill my office job boredom

time to read 1 month of mastodon backlog ;;; weh I'm bad at keeping up with anything more than 2 social medias at a time

if u thouight this toot meant I went to bed, you're wrong

how is it midnight!!!!! what!!!!

I slept something like 10 hrs and I just feel obliteratingly tired today

*maintains 4 different social media accounts with various gradations of how embarrassing I'm trying to be*

me: sigh.. this page looks so good
me at me: remember you have to go in and make everyone filthy and disgusting
me: NO!!!!!!

I had like, 5 different characters to choose from when deciding who to put on this chapter title, so I just slapped all of em in there like an anime poster

drawin the ch4 title page finally now that I have an idea at last!!! but I put sweeps in it, so he should probably make an appearance...

I designed this great robot and I never use him and he's the most popular character. what have I done. this comic has gone way off genre

"a day of mostly-not-comics" really shouldn't be odd all things considered, just feeling like I've entered hyperdrive state during this chapter break, trying to get everything done that I wanted to, but it's so much... and I've never been very good at switching gears

hard to re-orient myself after a day of mostly not-comics... it's 11:30 so I should go to bed... instead I'm engaging with social media while way too tired to advisably be doing so

i hope someone is buying me a second ikea shark for christmas so I can have my own, since my sweet sweet doggo keeps stealing mine

My one tentative 2018 goal is to print chapter 1 for Staple next year! and uh, make it the year I finally get into an anthology because Beyond 2 so far is just phenomenal

I might actually prefer it like that though since I know I captured the essence of the original, just made it look a little bit spiffier

sometimes I revamp an old page, look at it like "wtf it looks the same!!!" then look at the old one like ohhhhhh.....nvm.

supportive queer comics discourse y'all 😭

live for it

i didn't shock myself very hard but my arm still feels weird. I'm trying not to think about whether or not I even needed to unplug that first fucker to begin with

the first one that I unhooked from the ceiling had no visible battery that I could see and was a pain in the entire ass to unmount. The second one came off the ceiling in 3 seconds and I popped the battery right out

*thousand yard stare*

anyway chirping is gone

oh lord................................... there's a second one

that may have been the one chirping all along