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I don't know how many of you are interested in animation or have fiddled with it before but you got to check out #Pencil2D and turn on the Previous Onion Skinning. The UI is super simple.


Third episode of is great. I hope it gets even better.

I don't care much about the first two episodes, I consider them as a prequel.

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I do a Podcast called Comics Coast To Coast.

It's a weekly Webcomics Podcast that includes interviews with visual creators of all sorts; Animators, Comic Creators, Illustrators and occasionally writers!

If you care to check it out.


This past week we talked to Kyle Marshall of The Loud House (Disney) about his work and new toon The 3 Amigonauts.

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Happy birthday to #GNU! Today marks 34 years since the launch of the GNU Project. Read more: https://u.fsf.org/2bw

is coming next spring, it will use on AMD chip with the price tag less than 300$.

IDK why I am so excited about it. You can make PC with probably better specs running Linux for the same amount of money. I guess inner geek inside of me is hipnotized by that red logo. I want it so baaaaaad! 😄

On this day in 1986 first game was released in Japan for Disk System.

did some great things back in the day. Just look at that cover ! 😮

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Blustery overconfidence and taking insane risks with everyone else's lives is just how you advance in Starfleet. And women have to act twice as insane to be taken half as seriously. Kirk had it easy.

Glad to see that follows the original timeline, however I don't like the dark visuals(especially in the federation scenes) and movie like directing. I prefer visually brighter Voyager and DS9.

Hope that they will focus more on exploring than war in future episodes (unlikely).

I feel like it would have been better to do a ST series set after the Next Gen. Much more room for imagining the future(and gadgets) and creative writing, that is what ST is all about.


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