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TIL about the Air Bud Double Negative Rule and I am going to be enforcing it everywhere I go now:

does anyone know how walnuts are featured in Donkey Kong 64

you can tell when someone is old when they say "PMs" instead of "DMs"

I haven't been on fedi in a while and it feels like I lost a group of friends and I hate that feeling

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ok hear me out: what if libraries, but for everything

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I will repeat it:

Every time you make fun of an objectively bad person like Zukerberg not for the things they do but because they are fat/ugly/emotionally stunned you are hurting people who have these traits while Zucks don't give a shit.

Call them out for what they do.

thunderstorms have never really bothered me, but lately there's been an issue during them where the loudest smoke alarm I've ever heard randomly beeps for no reason, scrambling my head and turning up the anxiety slider to max

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autistic pride day (1/3) 

Today is Autistic Pride Day! If you're reading this and you're autistic,
you're ausome! And if you're not autistic, please spend some time listening
to our voices

a couple of reminders:

- autism is not a disease
- autism is not a disorder
- autism is a disability, because society is designed to meet (with varying success) the needs of the neuromajority first and foremost

The reason I developed the habit of writing for loops with 'n' instead of 'i', like this:

for(int n = 0; n < 100; ++n){

is because long ago I used to 1) rely on using the mouse way too much, and 2) use a sans serif font instead of a monospace font, which made narrow letters like 'i' annoying to select with the mouse

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@Scruffo there’s something real satisfying about centuries of people in charge going “we’re the good guys we fight bad people who oppress others” to justify awful shit and getting fucked when we all make a culture out of it and realize they’re next in line

uspol, fascism 

pretty wild how so much media, for decades, has been about fighting against fascism and for the freedom of individual people

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every time I join a new friend group: everyone has a username, account name, first name, nickname, and old username that everyone uses interchangably


my ideal meal would involve peanut butter chocolate, apple juice, and a staggering amount of plain bread

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Just saw someone in the parking lot of the clinic blasting music in their car
Then I hear "there are two calls ahead of you"
... they were blasting hold music

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in switzerland you aren't allowed to have a train with exactly 256 axles because of an integer overflow in the axle counting machine

i wish i could fix my software bugs by making it illegal to cause them

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