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Whatever you bring in, bring out when you go!

A litterbug’s literally the worst thing I know!

Your trash is not welcome, not here in the woods

Cause I know Smokey the Bear, and he’ll fuck you up good

A comic. A girl's brain says Pyotr Kropotkin. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says the lorax movie, which mortifies her.

A Threatening Threat 

A threatening threat 

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees,

they told me your sins, how you hurt them, it’s true

for the trees have no tongues, and soon neither will you

This notification worries me a bit

'@lorax followed you'

My body may never be found.

You might think you can run, so far far away

But you hurt my trees and now I’ll make you pay

I don’t bring armies or money to this battle of wills

But what I do have

is a very particular set of skills

@lorax ok, I get it. but I am using it to turn more of my worthless, wasteful grass lawn into productive gardening space for herbs and veggies. plus wildflowers for my neighbors bees

The woods can be quiet, the woods can be loud!

Depending on what kind of animal’s around!

But if you come blaring music and scaring Bambi

Remember, my garrote is as quiet, as quiet can be

Recycle what you can whenever you may!

Compost all those peels and throw less away!

Reduce and reuse and recycle, my chums!

Or I’ll use my pliers to take off your thumbs

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