Joshua Trees are protected, the last of their kind. I hope you are caught and properly fined.

But remember the damage you did money can never undo.

and just think

if the Feds can find you, I bet the Lorax can too

took a trip around lake mead (S,W,N shore) a while back, pretty cool, even saw a desert tortoise (some rather extremely mormon communities around those parts). not something you want to do in the summer. anyway noticed that they're transplanting Joshua trees around the S. Utah interstate & environs. when they destroy the desert for a new road in Nevada, they have to transplant the Joshua trees to *somewhere*. and what with global warming, seems like those trees may do fine @ 3000ft in S. Utah.

@lorax except the u2 album with that title because i will personally ensure all of those go extinct

@lorax And Loraxes (Loraces?) don't care about due process or cruel and unusual punishment. They've no reservations about breaking thumbs if you can't pay up.

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