s u p p o r t
p e o p l e
t h a t
w a n t
t o
m a k e
v i d e o g a m e s
b u t
d o n ' t
h a v e
t h e
r e s o u r c e s

Decided today that I would go through and clean up/publish everything in the drafts folder of my blog for the year.

So far, I've published 6 new blog posts today and have at least 4 more to go.

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Also need to really work on what we call "lakes"

A stock pond does not make a lake.

Apache-Sitgreaves has some really creative trail measurements. The trailhead sign for P-Bar Lake gives in a distance of 0.6 miles.

Somewhere around 2 miles in, I reached the lake.

Even if I draw a straight line as the crow flies from the trailhead sign to the lake it's still 0.9 miles! 🙃

Getting into playing Minecraft lately. I'm only 7? 9? years late to the show. About my typical rate for picking a new game up.

I can see myself getting way too into this.

I'm going to earn my first hour as an independent consultant today.

We'll see if the imposter syndrome doesn't take over and I blurt out something along the lines of "hell if I know."

Hello Mastodon. Been a while. Been a busy busy lurker lately.

Like, ok. I appreciate Apple for making design an important element in their hardware and in the early part of the 21st century it brought in a big shift in thinking for hardware companies. Laptops got nice looking.

But it's gotten foolish. Instead of improving in meaningful ways, it's just a race to thinness at the cost of practicality. This going hand-in-hand with constant legal fights to make it illegal to open your computer, while building a walled garden marketplace.

Staying up all night designing an encounter for DnD then putting it on a random table so your group may never even see it

@Gargron that's one of the great thing about the federated tab. Even if your home and local are quiet there's bound to be action on the fediverse. Mastodon is a pretty cool platform. Hang around a bit and you'll work it out.

The reason why 1980's cartoons were so good was that they were insane hybrids of Japanese/Korean anime art and American glam rock.


Also see Toei Animation's "The Transformers" (1986) scored by Stan Bush.

@Gargron I’ve seen talk about this and still have no idea what it is or why it’s useful

Scientists embedded a concept of curiosity into artificial agents running through a maze. The result was that the agents found the end of the maze purely by their curiosity. However, adding a TV to a wall of the maze instantly turned the agents into couch potatoes, staring at the TV forever! :)
I think this result is both hilarious and fascinating.


#MachineLearning #ReinforcementLearning

I forgot how many emails Newegg sends.

"Changes have been made to your account"

"Order confirmation"

"Payment charged"

"Worker wandering back and forth in the warehouse trying to find aisle 37"

"Shipping department ran out of that really cool tamper-proof tape"

"Negotiating with shipping companies to see who can best destroy your package"

"Delivery truck not only can't find your street, but is pretty sure your city is made-up"

"Your return authorization"

Un petit récapitulatif du but des différents dossier de Linux.

#linux #wherethefuckshouldiputthisfile

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Fun fact: we know the name of a particular Babylonian copper merchant. His name was Ea-Nasir, and he lived about four thousand years ago. He wasn't particularly famous in his time, and he wasn't noble or particularly wealthy. We know him because of two factors:

* He was a fraud, selling adulterated copper, and his servants were assholes.

* He kept his hate mail.


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