Fun fact: we know the name of a particular Babylonian copper merchant. His name was Ea-Nasir, and he lived about four thousand years ago. He wasn't particularly famous in his time, and he wasn't noble or particularly wealthy. We know him because of two factors:

* He was a fraud, selling adulterated copper, and his servants were assholes.

* He kept his hate mail.

"So, um," the knight said, "aren't you going to invite me in to see your hoard?"
"Ah..." the dragon said. "I don't think it... is for you."
"Nonsense, I love seeing hoards. What are you hoarding?"
The dragon cleared its throat. "Knights."

The showy open floor plan office was popularized by startups seeking venture capital because their real business is attracting another round of investment while they find a customer or find a business model. Impressing investors requires constant dog & pony shows. Employees are the dogs and/or ponies in this example, and the open floor plan office is the easiest way to display your workforce to a visiting investor.

My work day today:

- Did stand up
- Snowstorm knocks electricity out until 18:00
- I resume work

Going to be a long evening... 😅

Giving another try.

It seems like if something doesn't quite click with me, if I let it gestate a year then come back to it, I find it all suddenly makes sense.

Although, I probably shouldn't have tried to learn react, redux, nodejs, the entire modern javascript build environment, etc. all at once either.

That's a pretty keyboard! May I ask, what kind of keyboard this is?

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“90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.” you see, #fediverse is already more successful than the Google product developed by super smart engineers with 100k$/year salaries.

Dusting off the react gloves.

Realizing that I haven't made a react commit since February 2017, and even then I found it confusing.

But at the time I was on this, I must completely understand the fundamental architecture of all my tools kick.

Which proved to be a lot less useful than the throw everything at a wall and see what sticks approach.

I am so digging on Mastodon, even if I'm not participating.

my favorite genre of article is "petulant normie discovers the fediverse"

Now to spend six hours in my favorite places in the world. airports and flying tubes. /sarcasm

The latest update seems to have broken Kypass on the old MBP leaving me without access to my password vault.

I spent three hours last night getting KeePass 2 to work with Win Bundler. A lot of clicking random things, rebuild, wait 30 minutes. See if it works. Nope. Check and uncheck some other things. Try again.

@lordbowlich At a guess: 1) The history of browser plugins is discouraging. Flash was insecure and PDFs could be slow or poorly rendered. 2) XHTML failed to turn HTML into just another XML dialect.

As the XML thing turned out, I do have a browser that can handle RSS, Atom, SVG, and with the right extension EPUB. Its very user interface is written in XUL.

I use it to read mostly text/html pages, and often run into problems with sites that weren't properly tested cross-browser.

I'm racked up 8 miles today just walking about looking at old brownstone buildings. For some odd reason, decaying giant brown brick warehouses never get old to me.

Thought of the day: Why do browsers only support html as their markup language? Why don't we have plugins for supporting artibtary markup languages?

I must've been spoiled with good improv comedy going to college so close to Chicago. Paid $43 tonight to see a professional troupe out on the east coast and while they where technically brilliant -- like I was really impressed by their ability to pull together a coherent narrative on the spot, not contradict prior statements etc. they just weren't funny.

Ended up leaving during the intermission when I realized Evil Dead II was playing in the theatre in the same building.

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