"Only the act of design can make the content less readable, though it can certainly make it more"

It's a quote that sums up my feelings, and I enjoy this article

♲ @John Arundel (bitfield@twitter.com): “How much better would the web be if every site embraced Brutalist Web Design? How amazing would it be to have readable text, clearly-marked interaction points, unobtrusive advertising, all wrapped up in a fast-loading site you could read on any device?” brutalist-web.design

@silverwizard There was a short period of time where it was envisioned that the end user would apply their own stylesheet on all websites and it was the role of the developer to step aside and make sure their markdown was syntactically accurate enough that the user stylesheet could be applied beautifully.

But no, a bunch of egos got in the way and now we get top-down dictation of how things "should" look.

@lordbowlich I want that so badly. I want my own style sheets. That sounds so much better
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