honestly the thing i hate the most about our society is the unholy amount of money you have to regurgitate for the right to have your own physical space

the rest of it i could live with

@VoidLurker I remember living in Jackson Hole, WY -- just outside of Yellowstone, housing prices look to Silicon Valley. You want some dystopian shit look there.

Had a developer quote that they were going to make middle-class family housing for government employees for the affordable price of $500,000 (after your $500,000 grant)

They evicted all the service-industry workers from the only cheap rent hotel in town in the middle of the winter because they were doing bed-shifts. 8 to a bed.

@VoidLurker And it isn't like there isn't housing or room for development.

Giant open ranches of land to develop, but when it does get sold it gets turned into 5 acre lots with kitchen-less McMansions on it.

That's right, no kitchens because no one lives there. They only fly into town on occasion and then eat out at the overpriced restaurants and bars.

I'm glad to have run away from that hellhole.

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