FYI, when sharing a link, check if the following are present in the URL

.( followed by random string)

These are “engagement trackers” and they can reveal your source for the URL

Consider the implications if you include them. They’re not needed for the website you’re visiting to actually show you the content

@cypnk All these years of seeing those on URLS and it never occurred to me to think about what they were.

@lordbowlich We don’t normally look at the URL that closely so it’s easy to miss what they mean

@lordbowlich @cypnk You should always be able to delete everything right of (and including) a "#" character.
(Some websites will use this for "data", but that's .. probably obscure?)

@meejah @lordbowlich Some of it may be, especially for single page web pages that work more as "apps", but I'd say try deleting them altogether. If you really want to see what the page shows, you can add each piece one by one until you only have the bare minimum to make it work

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