So, let's check in on how that new years resolution of making a commit every day to my personal projects 😅 :

I give myself permission to buy myself a new keyboard, and they've been out of the green MX switches for the pok3r for the last month. 😞

My office away from the office. Had clear skies, and enough charge to get through a whole eight hour workday.

Stupid MSR pump probably leaked more gasoline on the table than it used to make coffee. This is the third pump I've gone through. Stoves work great, but any plastic parts are crap.

And after twenty years of having this in my desk, I finally bought the missing handful of cards to complete my Stasis/Prison deck.

Looking up the prices on things, I'm amazed that the Mind Over Matter set in this deck runs $90. Really makes me wonder how much cash it would take to recreate some of the lunch-counter decks we used to play with in High School.

Assuming we don't get the two-three feet of snow they're forecasting for Thursday, I'm hoping to make it over the pass to playtest this deck I threw together for their standard tournament:

I once got into it with done gearhound on Reddit over wether you can backpack on under $100. I said you can backpack with a tarp, rope, and a school bag.

They didn't believe I've been camping this way for years in all seasons and weather.

☹️ I guess I'll have to continue to wait before I can play my copy of Elite Dangerous on Linux.

Just spent my morning obsessing about my SSH key management and making a pretty diagram with mermaid to show the flow of access across my systems and virtual machines.

Been feeling the fantasy theme lately. John Howe, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

The Owl fire is approaching 3,000 acres. This is the view from my neighbourhood. It's threatening to close off the highway.

The trucker's hitch finally clicked in my mind the other day while stringing up cloths line. It's such a simple, easy knot, and yet every illustration I could find of it made it look way more complicated then it really is:

After perhaps too much obsessing over creating the perfect melding of the Gruvbox and Solarized color themes I have come up with this!

Background: 073642
Text: EBDBB2

Palette 1: 073642
Palette 2: FB4934
Palette 3: 98971A
Palette 4: D79921
Palette 5: 268BD2
Palette 6: D3869B
Palette 7: 689D6A
Palette 8: EBDBB2
Palette 9: 002B36
Palette 10: FE8019
Palette 11: 657B83
Palette 12: 657B83
Palette 13: 839496
Palette 14: B16286
Palette 15: 93A1A1
Palette 16: FBF1C7

and question. Is there some way to configure windows in cinnamon so the menus and window title are on the same row like unity.

e.g. Have the window menus look like the bottom screenshot instead of the top.

Laughs malevolently.

You have no power here. I will not choose!

What's crossplatform about only supporting OSX and Windows? I mean it's already an Electron app, what more does it need?

So, I got something done this weekend.

Went through the hassle of getting a legal entity set up to represent any revenue generating side-projects, game dev (ha), and freelance work that I can hustle up.

This is something I've been wanting to get traction on for years, but always made excuses of being to busy. I've had the odd clients approach me over the years but have never had the courage to pound pavement and approach them.

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