I've been on mastodon.social for a little over a year this point. Seen a lot of waves of newcomers and a lot of changes in the culture over that time.

Been feeling like things are a little too crowded on the local and not quite my niche anymore.

So I'm finally going to go do it and move to a different instance. Going over to hackers.town

See you all over there.

Whatever HR consultant comes in and just recommends unilaterally firing everyone who voiced a concern in the all-hands meeting sounds like a great find. 🤔

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This is going around I noticed on slack this morning.

There's a cynical part of me that wants to run away from any company that seems too interested in trying to appear that they are something other than they are.

Openly heartless capitalists are a hell of a lot easier to deal with in a work cultural than someone who is passive aggressively in denial about it.

YouTuber Lindsay Ellis Has Been Nominated for a Hugo Award for Her Acclaimed "Hobbit Duology"


That was a really good series of videos, deserved

Half way through the Rust book.

Usually when I pick up a new language book, I read it deeply. Two or three passes on each chapter. Mark up things with notes. Type up all the example code.

I'm not actually sure I get much out of it.

This time. I'm just reading as fast as I can. Get down the general concepts and where I can look them up in the book later on when I'm struggling with them.

Trying, before I lose interest, to get to where I can jump into a real project.

Just once I'd like to actually get the car the rental agent promised me instead of a Nissan.

They always tell me it'll be a Toyota. Then when I get there all they ever have are Nissan.

How do people go for years typing on a laptop keyboard. I've been using my laptop keyboard for two months and my wrists are starting to kill me.

Going to need to go dig my mechanical keyboard out of storage just so I can hook it into the laptop.

I have gone through all the toots from last night and boosted the ones I liked.

My work is done for today. Now I can go outside and play.

I wish.

“Counties with more trees and shrubs spend less on Medicare, study finds”


“the study adds to a growing body of evidence linking green space – in particular, forested areas – to better health outcomes for those living nearby.”

“[…] counties with the lowest socioeconomic status appeared to benefit the most […] low-income communities are getting the biggest bang for their buck because they probably have the most to gain.”


When people are in small affinity groups they tend to thrive. When they're in large groups they tend to be diminished and overwhelmed by noise.

Seeking ever greater scale of membership isn't necessarily always a good plan.

On this week's The_Mainframe!


We form an international cabal of a shadowy neo-hacker state government and weigh in on hefty topics such as.

Pewdiepie's malware

Opportunity presented to/by keeping your kids safe online

Cyberpunk sports leagues

Facebook's incredible rate of bad news days.

Thanks to our very special guests:

@drwho aka: the smart one
@ryen aka: The beast from the east
@GeoffWozniak aka: Dies of flu on air.

I love you fediverse.

let's tear down the corporate silo landscape... together.

Got my new passport.

So I can flee when this place starts to crumble down around me.

@chuck or Pandora's algorithm? Seems like any musician you pick out it just ends up selecting two or three other musicians from around the same time period for the station and then that's all it will play for all eternity.

As if no other similar musicians have ever existed or will ever come into existence.

Starting to think I'm the only one who enjoys April Fools...

@Downes Could you summarize some of your philosophy in short statements like these: denizcemonduygu.com/philo/brow and link them in?

@curiosityandcollections You're welcome! I just read about it like 2 days ago from this lifeworth.com/deepadaptation.p which is a paper making some ppl really really sad, but I know a bit about solarpunk and honestly, I think it's a way forward. Things will change, but we can change too, together

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