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Have you ever tried identifying individual whales? It looks a bit like the below picture. Basically, you rate the percentage of light vs dark on the tail, box the tale in the image, identify the tail tips, and the center 'v' notch.

This allows us to train computer algorithms to recognize and track humpback whales based on their tails, which can be as unique as fingerprints.

If you want to help out with the project, you can head over to the "Whales as Individuals" project on Zooniverse.

The Rust Programming Language

I've read through this several times in various iterations of completeness online. The print copy of it has been on my shelf since starch press put it out. But I just haven't taken the time to re-read it.

Looking forward to giving another shot. It's not that my interest ever faded in it, but that work is always getting in the way of being able to learn and work on funner things.

A social network either fails, or it becomes successful enough that people think it's worthwhile to spam it

One thing the recent increase in alt-right non-sense spammers has me noticing is how generally free Mastodon seems of spam-bot-nonsense

Okay. Guess my Friday night plans are shot. I'm back to:

1) Get caught up on work.

2) Watch Sneakers since I missed it last week.

It's interesting how monetization is such a transformative process. And also how it informs an organizations value-judgement about other computing resources.

If we build everything with the intention of monetization we will make subtle choices in implementation towards that end.

And the end result tends to favor interfacing with other monetized entities -- e.g. search will favor showing stuff to buy or businesses to patron rather than Joe's personal blog.

Bit confused as to why I need a confirmation button for boosting...

(I did find where I can turn it off)

"People must sell their time and energy to the owning class in order to buy back a fraction of what they produce. This is a deeply rooted system that shapes our values and relationships and defies most attempts to abolish it. The socialist revolutions in the USSR and China did not go deep enough: as they never fully abolished capitalism, it reemerged, stronger than before."

Wait. So the server had nothing to complain about for my latest request to the API.

Some part of me is sure there must be catch.

At this point, I just don't see _why_. Why go through the trouble of adding the links but then not just putting it up as a web document.

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Don't you just love documentation that comes in the form of a hundred+ page PDF instead of a nice website.

Particularly when they went through the trouble of putting hyperlinks in the PDF.

I have half a mind to see if I can find a tool to convert this stupid thing.

(I've had the list since the start of the year. It's taken me this long to crunch through what little data entry I had)

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Okay. I finally got the calendar of events in for our little community website.

Good lord is Wordpress a slow CMS to work with.

I feel like not enough people focus on the fact that Germany wants to outlaw hosting Tor servers. A significant amount of Tor is hosted from Germany, but more importantly, if Germany outlaws it, many other countries that so far were afraid to do so will follow suite. All intelligence agencies despise Tor and lobby their governments to shut it down. It's a slippery slope.

#Tor #Germany #Privacy

Going to give neovim a shot today.

As someone who doesn't really write vim plugins, just uses them, I'm not really sold on the new feature set.

But I'm looking forward to being pleasantly delighted.

yaks ... so shaggy ... must ... shave…

panel 0:

> person: time to do an activity

panel 1:

> person: but first I will research the theory on how to do it

panel 2:

> reads book on how to read about how to do that activity
> book: you are not doing the activity
> person: oh no…
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