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Hi ,


I'm Shibesh, prefer to go by Shibs.
My pronouns are he/him.

I write for a living, mostly copy but open to anything. (No like seriously, I don't have a job and work is light, hmu if you need a ) In one of my better moments, I helped co-create and co-write Consti-tuition Season 1.

I'm a and stan so if there's an instance for that, lemme know!

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convinced i'm at least 25% zombie because at any given point in time, half my back is dead skin

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Creating a new OC: "uh fuck, I need to decide on a gender again"

resolutely not getting a Disney Plus subscription in the face of a billion Baby Yoda memes is praxis

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Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

Writer needs laptop recommendation 

Background: Mac OS Catalina finally killed my MacBook Air Early 2014.

budget: INR 50k to 70k

Apps Used: MS Office, Photoshop, Ableton Live 10

Gaming? Stardew Valley, Return of the Obra Dinn, Papers Please and other light indie Steam games, nothing too crazy.

Stuff I've been looking at for the last two days: Refurbished Surface Pro 6 with Type Cover (INR 71k); HP Pavilion x360 (INR 65.6k). I want a 2-in-1 coz I've been drooling over them for A WHILE.

amazon reviewer

thankless, cold

giving up on customer reps

angry, bold

essay in the dark

the unheard testimony

amazon reviewer

I'm sorry you lost your money

live, learn, grow but never forget that you used to call your laptops "lappy"

rose: draw me like one of your french girls

alexa: okay, searching for "kraw be hike ton of yo stench whirls"

i was at a grocery store this morning, buying a stick of butter

5 mins later, i get a message saying Rs 46 deducted from your Paytm wallet!


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"please address the Duke as Your Highness"

"ok boomer"

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no one:

my brain at 2 am: if i ever become a famous artist and they invite me to buckingham palace, i'll go but the first person to ask me to bow/curtsey to royalty is getting their neck snapped

✨ teri adaaon ka ✨

😏 jadoo jo chal gaya 😏

🌞 roshan hua sama 🌞

🥳 dil machal gaya 🥳

🧐 tere bina kahin 🧐

☹️ ab na karar hai ☹️

💁 jaaneman tujh pe to 💁

☠️ jaan bhi nisaar hai ☠️

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🤬 sarfarosh hai 🤬

😊 Aap Ka Nasha 😊

♥️ yun madhosh hai ♥️

😍 kya kahein tumse jaane jaan 😍

😭 gum hua hosh hai 😭

i don't know what mystery science theater 3000 is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

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