the two dimensional analog to the branching of a tree

i'm playing animal crossing with my friend, and she mailed an amazon ambassador tweet to all the townsfolk for the tom nook forced advertising assignment.

i'm playing animal crossing with my friend, and she mailed an amazon ambassador tweet to all the townsfolk for the tom nook forced advertising assignment.

today i am working on two things which are very different but which actually use very similar tech: spears and lightning bolts.

i have about half of the systems work done. here's a spear.

bows are in the game! i have big plans for these. there will be lots of interesting associated arrow skills.

ribbons are specialized for that. they're magically manipulated ranged weapons which are lightweight and only do damage if paired with magic attacks.

there, i added some ribbons! i can't believe i forgot those. i am fond of them.

all lashing weapons count as contact weapons, and can extend the range of touch based magic.

working on some sprites for mid-ranged lashing weapons- chains and whips.

(oh i should also do ribbons, i forgot about those..)

this is not the first time my run will be ended by an archer and it's definitely not the last time..

today's new characters:
ARCHER is an opportunistic ranged attacker
a SEEDLING is a juvenile monstrous plant which sprouts from the seeds sowed by a SEED BEARER.

reading through old d&d monster manuals. there are some really neat long-neglected monsters in here! everyone is so excited about anthropoid ones these days smh

archers are working!

i'm excited, these are the first enemies with a skill they need to prep ahead of time.

this weird thin ray effect was a bug, but it's kind of neat.

so i did a system for pending actions which take multiple turns, and it's clean, and apparently it just works, first try? will post video once i have some nice effects on top of this.

now that i have the basics of enemy skill use in the game, i'm adding some enemies which have a single ranged attack or spell. today i'm adding archers.

these are going to be opportunistic ranged attackers which attempt to maintain a safe distance from the player

ok novice dnd player here- are there any video series aimed at introducing new player? i'm open to live play or reference material, trying to avoid mansplaining.

the shattering scroll in brogue created crystals which are invulnerable, but which dissolve after a number of turns. i'm currently trying out walls which are destructible, but which do not dissolve on their own. i may change that.

a shattering scroll, borrowed from brogue. it converts all the walls within a radius to destructible crystal.

this can help you escape areas or get into locked rooms.

an interesting side effect is that the crystals act as an action sink, so you can easily change parity.

ropers are not individually dangerous, but as support for a group or in danger the tick damage can add up.

the centaur conundrum has a corollary: the question of how many boots snails wear...

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