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Under this rule:

☑️A trans person could be denied basic care simply for being who they are
☑️A woman could be denied care for having had an abortion
☑️A woman could be denied prenatal care because she is unmarried

It means sweeping discrimination. Period. twitter.com/ACLU/status/113193

this one has so many errors. for this project i have been leaving them in but blacking them out, so they're sort of half present, but in this pattern i really like the errors visible.

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in-game test of the pillar tiles (they will be darker to make them clearly background- i don't have that coded yet).

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This is deeply disturbing – have other children secretly died in U.S. custody? If so, how many? We need an immediate investigation into who knew what and when, and why this little girl’s passing is just now coming to light seven months later.

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Amnesty and restoration to everyone jailed for a drug crime that is no longer a crime.

Now. twitter.com/ava/status/1131959

these slightly porous solid tiles were the result of accidental edits during an in-game test, but i really liked them so i put them into the game.

in-game test of the pillar tiles (they will be darker to make them clearly background- i don't have that coded yet).

(the crud in the background tiles is actually player data, which happens to be in the void tile)

(here is the same, but original rather than a photo of the screen)

working on pillar tiles. this is starting to find itself, visually.

baby mammoth game interaction notes. i don't yet know if this is going to have STRAWBERRY CUBES style keyboard bindings. it may just be directions + two buttons.

basically it's INTERACT and PICK UP with some intuitive context sensitivity (i hope).

oh my gosh it's "milon's secret castle", bless endless youtube playlists as faulty memory supplement.

i have a ton of game research over the years, but i only remember a small fraction of the games, so periodically weird echoes of things come up to the surface.

mysterious incredibly opaque NES action puzzle game, possibly '_____ castle', has really good pillar sprites, anyone?

shoot where did i put those non-grecoroman pillar + capital tiles

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This order, *by itself*, is impeachable. washingtonpost.com/politics/tr

But Pelosi's decision not to impeach holds firm. So this will be followed up by something even higher-stakes, as Team Trump continues to test how far they can go before Pelosi acts. twitter.com/olgaNYC1211/status

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It ALL started with everyday people.

You would really be surprised how much work here gets started because a journalist picked up on a story, or advocates organized people to command notice of an issue.

It’s inspiring how much power everyday people have. We just need to use it.

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Let’s talk abt how Gov works behind the scenes: Remember that Big Pharma hearing last week?

Here’s how it happened.

A 23 y/o staffer in my office met w/ local HIV advocates. They argued the CDC held the patent for PrEP & Gilead was price gouging.

She picked it up + dug in. /1

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