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in case anyone comes across this, it turns out this dear is likely to be a juvenile cardboard palm.

i just got this and am trying to identify it for care purposes. i would suspect a fern relative based on leaf structure?

announcement: STRAWBERRY CUBES is now pay what you want. if you were unable to pay for it you can now get it for free.
if you have not played or heard of it, it is an autophagic platformer about celebrating a loved one while losing them to dementia. lorenschmidt.itch.io/strawberr

catching up on steven universe and crying. this show is so good.

people should put more ring and line shaped projectiles in games. especially in 2d games with a dodge ability + in 3d. projectiles don't have to be points!

also so far i really love the evil tilda swinton -esque villain 🖤🖤🖤

it is also quite daring that the maps are so meandering and labyrinthine. you can very much get lost or spend 5x as long as intended because you are looking for secrets or exploring, and it feels like the game deeply embraces this.

i really enjoy the emphasis on retreading spaces, on densely crafted arenas rather than exclusively using disposable spaces you move through. i just got (minor spoilers) to the point where summoners are in the mix, and am really enjoying the moment to moment of larger fights.

i like the total devotion to high stakes arcade style play. i hit a moment recently where i was in a pinch and mulled over my options, and decided that tactically, the only sound thing to do was to charge in which is +++

there are a lot of really compelling, daring decisions here. i love how instead of doling resources out in a static way, they crafted this compelling little system of exchanges (except you can't make chainsaw fuel, i think?)

i gave the game a pass when it first came out because i had a slow computer, and didn't pick it up later because i really was not grabbed by video i saw of the first few levels.

but it turns out once you get farther in it hits a groove i really like.

i started playing nu doom and i am really enjoying it. playing really polished AAA stuff is always so weird. the impossible amount of labor that goes in, the sheer density. and at the same time, the design language is perfectly accessible (as are its flaws)

it is the strangest, most intense feeling to touch past projects. there it is, the past, crystallized, everything i poured my heart into, and i'm not part of it, or rather, some strange different me was, but the umbilical cord is, formally at least, cut-

i have been looking through old media of unfinished and finished projects, and i have so many feelings about it. i am not someone who looks at old projects with disdain or disinterest- instead, i tend to find them moving and almost feel like someone else made them.

oh my gosh i was looking for something else, but i found this baby octavia photo
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also i wanted to thank my co-conspirator / familiar, octavia, who has been so good to me lately.

i have been doing some editor work today. it's less glamorous than the simulated plant stuff i've been doing lately, but it'll pave the way for more interesting material.

healing a degraded structure. you will be able to do this from key points on the map, but a player with a healing ability can repair structures from anywhere

this is not evident from the video, but the way building works in this game is that you edit a stored plan, which persists even if the structures themselves are destroyed. then later instead of placing all the blocks, turrets etc. again by hand, you "heal" and the plan is rebuilt

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