one thing i find fascinating about go is the noncompetitive thread which runs through it.

this is an example of seki, or mutual life: any player attacking actually loses points.

and seki aside, you can view the entire game as noncompetitive, about finding mutual stability.

many players insist on thinking of the game as competitive, but you see the lens of noncompetition in the literature and even in the language average low level players like me use.

this is not unlike the way evolution has been reframed in a patriarchal way as being about dominance ("red in tooth and claw"), ignoring the incredibly high incidence of anticompetitive behavior.

example: ritualized conflict is selected for over actual combat in many cases.

@lorenschmidt i really like when they frame the game as "hand talk" and talk about moves as "asking questions" and the whole game as a conversation

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