thinking again about decolonializing games.

i love a spawling, open fantasy world as much as anyone. what if instead of defaulting to player-centric modes, travelling the world in luxury or conquering it piece by piece, you have access according to your character's social role?

you could have options to live a more stationary existence, for instance as a a farmer, stonecutter, etc..

and you could still incorporate travel without making the world player-centered. character types such as religious pilgrims, travelling merchants, wandering monks, could travel without becoming the center of the places they visit.

@lorenschmidt I think Chronicles of Elyria is planning to implement this sort of system.

@lorenschmidt It's frustrating when a game is just "go here and fight, now over here, save these people, etc." I just want to sit around for a while and do some blacksmithing. Is that too much to ask?

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