i am working on boots and other footwear for my RPG, and wondering: where do all the magic boots in RPGs come from? do normal cobblers make them magical? do they gain magical attributes through use?

magical boots seem like, potentially, an entirely different proposition from magical items like shields, wands, etc.. the way one relates to footwear is different.


My guess is that magical boots possess an inherent knowledge of:

(A) Where they have been
(B) Where they are
(C) Where they can go, and
(D) How to get there.

@lorenschmidt You need to imbue the boots with the stolen soul of a powerful creature. So once you stole a soul, you need a scroll; a Dr. Scholl's shoe sole soul scroll (that you stole from a troll)

@lorenschmidt Both magic-imbuing cobblers and magical materials are attested. Alternatively, you might just have stepped in something.

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