anyone know what this is? i would guess devil's trumpet genus, unsure of species?

oh my gosh, horse chestnuts are related to lychees! i had no idea. i can definitely see the resemblance in the seeds and fruit, though.

oh my gosh there are isopods with spines? why has no one told me this you are all fired
小学生が考えたみたいなヤバいダンゴムシ (in Vietnam)

anyways look forward to my next videogame: a burning bridge made of unpaid asset store labor where you use in-app purchases to keep watching the unity keynote on user acquisition or read the sexual harrassment lawsuit against its CEO

pondering approaches for moving about connections / regions without altering topology. you could definitely do it with really big replacement lookup tables, but there are probably more elegant / readable tools..

it would be neat if you could designate some cells as barriers / voids, and the level would form around them like water flowing around stones

ok here goes the spider mite treatment experiment. this tea will be steeped, cooled, then sprayed on leaves. (it has cloves, cinnamon, and italian seasoning in it, and once it's cooled i will add garlic.)

algorithm for thinning 2x1 and greater connections between topological regions

going to try to wrap up this experiment today and send it out to folks supporting me via patreon (unobfuscated source, in case anyone else wants to try and monkey around with this approach).

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