(i got one of those cheap clip on macro lenses and i am running around taking photos of everything. bones are so pretty.)

ha, doom eternal and the new animal crossing are coming out on the same day.

i, for one, will be hopping back and forth between them.

so i just learned that the actor who plays O'Brien in star trek was in a 1999 miniseries and oh my gosh is it wild.

anyone know what this is? i would guess devil's trumpet genus, unsure of species?

oh my gosh, horse chestnuts are related to lychees! i had no idea. i can definitely see the resemblance in the seeds and fruit, though.

[relatively inscrutable d2 shadowkeep spoilers]

oh my gosh new sunshot vs. hive is really a thing. i swear to god i had devour running during /the entire/ escape after the cryptoglyph...

i have been taking the day off and playing the new destiny 2 expansion.

i'm really impressed. the new areas are stunning, and they've reworked the game really thoughtfully and significantly.

oh my gosh there are isopods with spines? why has no one told me this you are all fired
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小学生が考えたみたいなヤバいダンゴムシ (in Vietnam)

do arthropods play or dream, i.e. engage in "practice" behaviors which are not locally goal oriented?

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anyways look forward to my next videogame: a burning bridge made of unpaid asset store labor where you use in-app purchases to keep watching the unity keynote on user acquisition or read the sexual harrassment lawsuit against its CEO

so apparently windows has a "windows.old" folder which it decided to store 25 gigs of old OS files in, which it read/write protects, and you can only delete it by looking up how to navigate to some arcane corner of the clunky windows settings and then hoping it works...

pondering approaches for moving about connections / regions without altering topology. you could definitely do it with really big replacement lookup tables, but there are probably more elegant / readable tools..

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