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The sclerotised surface of the abruptly truncated abdomen protects the cork-lid trapdoor spider 𝘊𝘺𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘤𝘰𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘢 sp. from predators by "plugging" its burrow entrance. Photographed under captivity.

i am researching lepidoptera care and octavia is sitting like a small black sphinx on the corner of the bed.

if you could control a few arms at once, and you had buttons which controlled a character, you could have situations where you control a second-order character.

Fossil sea urchins were often thought to be fairy loaves - baked by the fairies. In Suffolk, fairy loaves (also k/as pharisee loaves) were placed indoors by the hearth and one would never be without fresh bread

there is room on this new desk i fixed up for octavia to sit next to the keyboard and help. she also likes walking around on the desktop.

this is the first room made in the editor, saved, + re-loaded correctly! i will likely add things (like touch input, for instance), but from this point onward i can use the in-game editor to build out areas.

i am working on file export! left is an exported 16x16 png (contrast increased for visibility), and right is the room it is from. soon i'll actually be able to use the editor! (the same functionality might actually end up being used for saving in-progress games as well.)

Don't get me wrong, people aren't a monolith and shouldn't be treated that way, but you don't get to control how they feel about your. We've had book after book written by a white person that horribly mangles another culture. How can you blame anyone for not wanting to be burned?

I'm not one for too many rules in publishing, but I do believe this: if you are a white author writing about another culture, guess what? They come first. Not just the ones you're friends with or who like your book.

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, &cetera
it worked

"if i am right, this will work and will turn the player character into a suitcase"

(in this screenshot there are four inventories inside of the inventory (these are all instances of the same inventory, not different containers))

but as a natural consequence of the rules of the game, you can later do things like carry around and transplant doors, carry around a set of rooms, or if you manage to access it directly, even walk around inside of your own inventory.

a normal, beginning of the game use of the inventory is to store resources and key items in it.

thinking about mechanics for the baby mammoth game. this is an in-game mockup of the inventory, which will of course be called the TRUNK.

the inventory, data wise, is a room. it can be carried around, and you can reach your trunk in to deposit or retrieve items.

i need to share this because it is fabulous and i am freaking out.
it's a piecewise interpretation of a set of bashō poems, each by a different animator or team of animators

great, it seems to be working!
in case anyone else is getting started, this tutorial seems pretty good:
i did have to add a version field to the package.json inside of src/ to get "npm run prod" to work without errors, but once i did it was fine.

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