Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) area is always a topic of choice for #mapmaking.
Lake, rivers, mountains, vineyards, trains, castles, etc. there’s always something to add…

In 2019 I challenged myself to draw 12 maps. This is map 1/12. It was a more complex one than o expected and the arrival of our baby daughter also delayed a bit my illustration plans. Hopefully more will come soon. I really want to make a map of Iceland…

Building a community from scratch on Mastodon is hard. I reached 39 followers after around 7 months on them migrated to, currently at 7 followers which is a tad disappointing…

I decided to start crossposting again from Twitter for a while in order to create more discussion on both ends. I'll keep visiting Mastodon of course.

I set up a few options to exclude somme toots of tweets from crossposting automatically. We'll see how it goes.

Je pense que j’ai trouvé l’image qui illustre le mieux le capitalisme tardif…

« Sorry Palpatine,
Notre rayon annihilateur de planètes consomme 15% moins d’énergie que celui de l’Etoile de la Mort. »

Mon bureau à domicile a tout récemment laissé sa place à la chambre de notre fille. Mais j'ai travaillé trois ans à la maison dont deux ans à 100%.

Je suis en train de rédiger un article sur cette thématique. Je ne veux pas l'articuler comme un guide mais vraiment comme un retour d'expérience.

Est-ce qu'il y a des sujets que vous trouveriez intéressant d'aborder?

Pour le moment j'ai: le confort, un espace dédié, horaires, RDV, s'aérer, les animaux domestiques…

‪How was your week?‬

‪Nothing big on my side, I became a dad that’s all…‬

I want to get rid of Google Maps but Apple Maps doesn't support bike rides.

Any idea how I can plan my bike trips without big G?

And one of our favourite: "You're right, it doesn't really matter. It's not because you put pink clothes to a boy that he will necessarily become a gay."

Still a long way to go…

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We don't know the sex of our baby. We wanted to keep it a surprise and we're really excited to discover this on her/his birthday.

But I'be never imagined it would bother and trouble people so much.
"How did you pick the colours for the bedroom then?"
"It must be problematic to buy clothes in advance"
That sort of things…

Because it's a well known fact that a boy in a pink pajama will in fact explode. And a girl with a dinosaur on her shirt will be scared for life you know.


I’m so happy to use for my analytics!

It’s open source, privacy friendly, not tracking or recording any personal data, it’s simple and easy to use, and was great to help me with my questions…

Also, pro-tip: never ever ever ever ever ever use Facebook Login for subscribing to anything… The day you want to get rid of it, it becomes a nightmare.

(yeah, it's an obvious one in 2019, but in 2011 it was "so easy and convenient…")

It's so easy to rant on social media when we're not happy about something. But I also like to point out when things go especially smoothly.

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I've experienced top notch customer services from these companies recently:
• helped me migrate to a non Facebook Login account
• helped me get rid of Facebook Login
• sent me a free tonner cartridge after I reported a defective one
Just wanted to share.

Do you want to meet the person who just sent a newsletter to 900 people with a link to download something… and the link was wrong?!

What a world we live in… ❤



I'm sure some clever fanboy bro will eventually say "just put your finger somewhere else, duh…".

I don't hate the Touch Bar, but I've been using it for more than a moth and I still find it gimmick-y at best, distracting at worst.

I think I have an equal number of accidental and non-accidental interactions with it…

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The number of times I accidentally tap the Escape button on the Touch Bar is surprisingly high…

Where a pressure was needed for a physical key, a simple brush against the surface is enough top trigger the Escape touch.


How Twitter works:

Original Tweet:

“I love a great pb&j 🤗”


“Why are you so against other sandwiches? 🧐”

“As someone that knows someone with a peanut allergy, I find this offensive. 😡”

Quote Tweets:

“OMG he hates grilled cheese! 😤”

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